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New study underlines trucking industry’s commitment to safety

Washington Today, the American Trucking Associations released new data finding the trucking industry invests $14 billion annually in technology, training and other expenditures to improve highway safety.
“The trucking industry’s highest commitment is to keep our roads, drivers and the entire motoring public safe,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. “This report clearly demonstrates that safety isn’t just a slogan for our industry, it is our mission. While others talk about their commitment to safety, the trucking industry is doing the work and investing in life-saving technology and training every day.”

According to ATA’s Safety Spend Survey, the industry invested $14 billion in 2022 – over 40% higher than our last survey conducted in 2015. ATA surveyed a variety of motor carriers – from fleets with just a few trucks to carriers with more than 10,000 power units on the road, running the full breadth of the industry. In total, companies responding to the survey accounted for almost 170,000 drivers and nearly 160,000 trucks.

“Trucking is a diverse industry, but our survey results show that regardless of carrier size or type, these companies are committed – just as ATA is committed – to reducing crashes and making our highways safer,” said ATA Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Safety Policy Dan Horvath. “These investments go far beyond simply complying with existing regulations. Our industry’s commitment to deploying the latest technologies, providing additional training, and incentivizing safe driving behaviors show just how seriously we take the job of reducing crashes on our highways.”

ATA’s Safety Spend Survey broadly categorized fleets’ investments over five main areas: onboard safety technology, training, incentives, safety-related maintenance and compliance costs.

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