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Your end product is our starting point

West Salem Machinery’s approach to equipment selection, product development, and applications testing always starts with our customer’s end product in mind.  Providing innovative solutions to convert waste and residuals into the desired finished product in an efficient and cost-effective manner…that’s what we’ve done for 75 years.

“We optimize machines through real world testing. Our test lab can simulate various production settings and volumes. We can supply complete reporting, including sieve analysis and energy usage. We make sure we’ve got everything dialed in. From tip speed, to tooling configuration, to screen selection, the appropriate infeed, the appropriate discharge, all of the key items that are necessary for the heart of the system to function properly. Our machines start with the same field proven designs we’ve been building for years and are working hard around the world – right now. Every machine we build is built to the requirements of the customer. Machines are optimized based on what the machine must process,”  said Mark Lyman, President of West Salem Machinery

Listening carefully and asking thoughtful, detailed questions helps the WSM team zero in on the machine or system requirements.  Every application has its own idiosyncrasies and getting the details right makes all the difference. The company’s product portfolio offers a wide range of tools for developing a solution that works.  Horizontal or vertical feed. Low RPM or high speed.  Screen sizes.  Infeed and discharge conveyors, support structures, and access platforms. A whole family of screening technologies including Vibrating Screens, Oscillating Screens, Trommel Screens, and Disc Screens in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

WSM is a leading manufacturer of screening and size reduction machinery. Contact us now to learn more and tell us about your operation.  We’ll configure the equipment or system to help produce the products you need. 800.722.3530, 503.364.2213, or


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