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Yanmar Compact Equipment’s largest mini excavators provide maximum power in tight spaces

Yanmar Compact Equipment offers the ViO80-1A and SV100-2A, the largest models in their mini excavator line. The machines provide the performance, efficiency, technology and reliability needed for tough jobs, allowing for maximum productivity in construction, landscaping and utility applications. Both models feature Yanmar Compact Equipment’s industry-leading four-year/4,000-hour bumper-to-bumper mini excavator warranty.

The ViO80 features Yanmar’s signature zero tail-swing and the SV100 includes an ultra-tight tail-swing. The ViO80’s zero tail-swing design, an innovative feature pioneered by Yanmar, allows the excavator to rotate next to a structure with far less risk of hitting it. The larger SV100’s ultra-tight tail swing has just 6.7 inches of overhang. Both designs allow efficient work in tight jobsites, as found in residential construction or road and utility work that may be difficult for larger equipment.

Trusted Performance

The mini excavators offer exceptional performance for their size classes. The 8-ton-class ViO80 weighs in at 18,136 pounds with 56.9 horsepower and a maximum digging depth of 15 feet, 4 inches, while the 10-ton class SV100 has a 21,550-pound operating weight while providing 72 horsepower and a maximum digging depth of 15 feet, 9 inches.

“Contractors sometimes think they have to sacrifice comfort and performance to find a machine that will do work in tight quarters,” said Jeff Pate, director of sales for Yanmar Compact Equipment North America. “It’s always fun to be the guy that tells them about our 8- and 10-ton mini excavators. They can take more machine to the job than they thought possible with our zero and ultra-tight designs. And we pack in so many convenience features — like our patented hydraulic quick coupler — it adds up to a second-to-none experience for the customer.”

Efficiency and Convenience

The ViO80 and SV100 offer several convenience features that promote operator comfort and easy operation. Standard features include ECO Mode, Auto-Decel Mode and auto shift 2-speed travel. ECO Mode helps extend engine life, lengthen oil change intervals and reduces fuel consumption by reducing engine speed and power draw when not needed. The mini excavators’ auto shift 2-speed travel design conveniently shifts the machines between low and high range automatically, making switching between jobsite tasks and longer travels seamless for the operator.

As an added convenience, Yanmar’s hydraulic quick coupler comes standard on the ViO80 and SV100. The feature allows fast and easy changing of attachments. Aside from fitting and removing the safety lock pin, the entire task can be completed with the flip of a switch while the operator is seated in the comfort of the cab.

Both machines have spacious cabs designed to provide maximum elbow and leg room. The mini excavators feature standard heating and air conditioning systems and sturdy, sound-blocking, anti-vibration construction for a smooth quiet ride and a comfortable operator experience all year round.

The SV100 includes a lever-controlled backfill blade, adding even more application versatility, along with an LCD monitor displaying key operating information and maintenance interval notifications.

Leading Telematics Technology

The mini excavators both come with SmartAssist Remote, Yanmar’s telematics system, free for five years on qualifying machines. Using the integrated theft protection, the mini excavator’s owner can set a range from a specific location or a starting time, triggering SmartAssist Remote to send a notification if that range is exceeded. SmartAssist Remote can also detect errors with electronic components and send notifications to service personnel and directly to Yanmar to streamline the diagnostic process. Additionally, the machine’s owner can view the operational status of the equipment in real time and view daily work reports that track use of the excavator, useful data that can improve jobsite productivity over time. Finally, SmartAssist Remote can track maintenance intervals and inspection items as well as notify the owner via email about upcoming maintenance requirements.

The larger SV100’s ultra-tight tail has just 6.7 inches of overhang. Both designs allow efficient work in tight jobsites, as found in residential construction or road and utility work that may be difficult for larger equipment.

Warranty-Backed Reliability

Both machines are powered by a fuel-efficient Yanmar Tier 4 Final engine, offering customers legendary Yanmar engine reliability and performance. The mini excavators also feature a standard 2nd PTO with flow control for maximum utility.

Yanmar Compact Equipment offers one of the industry’s best warranties on its mini excavators — a 4-year/4,000-hour bucket-to-counterweight warranty — reinforcing its claim of industry-leading reliability.

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