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Yanmar America launches innovative parts e-commerce platform to enhance customer service

Yanmar America, a leading provider of tractors, UTVs, construction equipment and industrial equipment, has unveiled a new parts e-commerce platform, aimed at enhancing customer service. The nationwide launch of the platform in the United States took place on Monday, July 17, offering a user-friendly solution for customers to access Yanmar genuine parts. The parts e-commerce platform can be accessed in the United States at:

The newly designed website reflects Yanmar’s dedication to customer focus, prioritizing the best user experience in terms of ease of navigation, speed, and intuitive operation. The platform allows customers to purchase Yanmar genuine parts 24 hours a day for prompt delivery.

“This e-commerce platform is a testament to our commitment to continuously enhance our services for our valued customers,” said Jeff Albright, President, Yanmar America Corporation. “It reinforces our position as an industry leader, focused on delivering unparalleled convenience and satisfaction.”

Yanmar America’s first foray into e-commerce exemplifies its pursuit of innovation and customer-centric solutions. By providing a seamless and efficient purchasing experience, Yanmar aims to exceed customer expectations and solidify its position as a pioneer in the industry.


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