What's New for 2016? How about the Vermeer SC40TX ride-on stump cutter for starters!

Vermeer-SC552_Cutting-11by Jon M. Casey

For landscapers, tree care contractors, arborists and other applications where a stump cutter in the 40 to 50 horsepower range is the tool of choice, the new SC40TX from Vermeer is the ideal choice. Introduced at the Tree Care Industry Expo in Pittsburgh, PA November 12-14, the new first of its kind, ride-on, self-propelled tracked stump cutter is a dedicated unit designed to meet the needs of contractors who need a machine that can work in tight spaces while under the full control of the machine’s operator.

With the ride-on, control from the rear capability, operator safety is improved over other designs. When conditions allow, the SC40TX can also be controlled from a conventional, swing-out style, control station located on the side of the machine. At 36 inches wide, the SC40TX will work well in confined areas and can fit through a standard dimension gate.

The new machine is powered by a 40hp Kohler diesel engine and has a hydraulic ground drive and cutter wheel, meaning there are no belts or chains to service. With easier engine accessibility, maintenance is simple. More importantly, the T4 Final diesel engine uses a DOC after-treatment system that offers reduced maintenance.

Vermeer introduces two other high-horsepower stump cutters

Vermeer Product Specialist, Jack Shipley, gave us a walk-around tour of the improved SC852 stump cutter, a 74 hp, Deutz-powered Tier 4 Final model. He said this is one of three new items in the Vermeer stump-cutting lineup, and is the largest and most powerful unit of the three. Outfitted with a four-bar linkage system that moves the cutter wheel away from the machine as the boom drops, this improved unit is able to get into tight spots and do the job that limits other stump cutters on the market. The new, full metal housing with hinged doors and removable panels allows for easier access to the engine and hydraulics for maintenance or repair. For even greater productivity, the SC852, has a 23-inch (58.4 cm) cutter wheel that is capable of a maximum cutter wheel speed of 930 rpm.

Other important, though less noticeable design features on the include the blade, which is standard, the rear mounted pre-cleaner, part of the two-stage dry air cleaner, and the up flow design of the coolant air system that directs the coolant air up and away from the operator and the machine’s surroundings.

Shipley said the SC552 and SC852 are equipped with an operator presence system, comprised of control handles for the boom swing and boom raise/lower handles. Each is equipped with an operator presence handle design that provides capacitance-sensing capability. This user-friendly operator presence system is intended to help protect the operator and enhance operator safety.

Both machines feature the Vermeer SmartSweep™ control system, which monitors engine load and provides continuous feedback to adjust the cutter wheel speed automatically. This helps increase productivity and efficiency at the stump, while decreasing wear and tear on the machine. He noted that the new SC552 is also a powerful machine that has a 23-inch (58.4 cm) cutter wheel diameter and a 56 hp (41.7 kW) Kohler diesel Tier 4 Final engine for a maximum cutter wheel speed of 1,124 rpm.

The cutter wheels on the SC552 and SC852 are equipped with the Vermeer-exclusive Yellow Jacket™ cutter system. It features universal and reversible carbide-tipped teeth with two cutting edges on each tooth and more side pocket clearance, which limits the pocket rubbing that can cause power loss and premature pocket wear. As an added benefit, maintenance is more efficient because the operator simply loosens one nut and rotates the tooth for an almost new cutting surface. With two cutting edges on each tooth, the tooth and pocket are designed so the second edge is protected and clear of the primary wear area while cutting with the first edge.

For increased accessibility, both the SC552 and SC852 have outside dual wheels that can be removed to pass through a 36-inch (91.4 cm) gate for backyard, and other hard-to-reach, stump grinding projects.

Both machines feature an auxiliary control station located at the front. This allows the operator to stand in-line with — instead of beside — the stump cutter for traveling in narrow areas. Like the SC852, the SC552 also has a four-bar linkage system that runs from the machine to the stump cutter wheel to help keep the cutter shield parallel to the ground during operation.

“The market needs high horsepower stump cutters to help remove mature tree stumps and complete high-volume stump removal jobs, and the SC552 and SC852 can help meet this need,” added Todd Roorda, tree care, rental and landscape sales manager at Vermeer. “Contractors can complete stump removal projects faster with the SC552 and SC852 than with smaller machines, enabling them to do more jobs per week.”

The SC552 and SC852 stump cutters are available through the Vermeer global dealer network. For more information on Vermeer products and services, visit www.vermeer.com or email salesinfo@vermeer.com.



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