• Werk-Brau D-Lock Tilt Coupler enhances excavator productivity

    Werk-Brau D-Lock Tilt Coupler Enhances Excavator Productivity
    Findlay, OH – Werk-Brau presents the D-Lock Tilt Coupler which allows an operator to tilt the attachment instead of repositioning the excavator for enhanced productivity and versatility on each jobsite. A compact narrow body allows better visibility and performance, while the rugged, triple sealed power actuator allows trouble-free operation which is virtually maintenance-free. With up to 120-degrees of tilt, the D-Lock Tilt Coupler enhances productivity thus increasing profitability by accomplishing tasks quicker with fewer excavator moves. These performance boosting couplers are ideal for mini/compact excavators to 5 ton, and full-size excavators to 35 MT.

    This unique design includes world leading safety features like automatic front lock, dual pin locking, and a patented slide lock design. Dual locking design ensures that attachments remain securely engaged on both pins in the event of loss of engagement force. The simple yet safe unlock procedure ensures that the unit releases only when intended to, in a controlled, safe manner that prevents accidental releases. A multi pin center picks up all attachments in the same weight class with the same pin diameter.  Just four hydraulic lines are required for installation, with no greasing or lubrication needed.
    Each unit includes a highly visible front lock indicator. Automatic front lock feature locks the front pin in the event the rear pin is not secured. The sliding jaw primary lock allows for multi pin centers to be accepted and is operated by a unique double skinned, double acting hydraulic cylinder utilizing full system pressure. No head feed tube or pressure reducer is required. The D-Lock Coupler fully complies to AS4772-2008 and EN474 Standard and expected forthcoming ISO international standards. 
    Every D-Lock Coupler includes a dual pin locking (DPL) system.  Front lock automatically engages the moment the rear jaw Is activated, negating any chance of the bucket falling off if the operator misses the rear pin.  DPL safety system locks both front and rear pins in the event of loss of engagement forces.  DPL safety system ensures that attachments cannot swing on the front pint in the event of loss of engagement forces.
    A new three-button coupler switch simplifies coupler safety and operation.  The logic and sequence built into the switch ensure there will be no inadvertent activation. A two-tone alarm (intermittent buzzer for activation and solid buzzer for disengagement) and a light system, alert operator that he has sent a signal to the coupler cylinder to disengage.  This allows simple, safe activation.  A 5-second window allows operator to complete sequence or switch resets. 
    The compact and reliable D-Lock Coupler is the ideal complement to Werk-Brau Buckets and Thumbs of all sizes and types. They also manufacture tilt couplers in other styles including Manual Pin Grab, Pull-Pin/Half Hitch, Kubota Bantam, and John Deere Wedge Tilt Couplers to suit a wide range of machinery and preferences.    
    Werk-Brau manufactures a complete line of OEM and replacement attachments for excavators, mini excavators, backhoes, mini and full-size loaders, crawler loaders, and skid steers.  Since 1947, they have been industry leading innovators, designing, and producing standard and specialty products for the heavy equipment industry.  Their products are made in the USA and sold through equipment dealers and distributors worldwide.  More than 75 years after their founding, the core principles of the company remain relevant – “provide customers with the utmost service, quality, and maintain the quality that bears the Werk-Brau name.”  For more information on Werk-Brau products,  contact Dale DeWeese at 800.537.9561, or via e-mail at sales@Werk-Brau.com, or visit them online at www.Werk-Brau.com.

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