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Volvo CE expands dealer network with appointment of Hawaii Truck Parts, Sales and Services

A proven dealer of Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks, the company is now adding Volvo Construction Equipment products and services to its portfolio.

Since becoming Volvo Construction Equipment’s president in 2017, Stephen Roy has pushed a strategy that expands and enhances the capabilities of the Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) dealer network. The goal: to provide construction equipment owners the highest machine uptimes in the industry, offer unique solutions to customer business challenges, and to raise equipment lifecycle values for their owners.

Several dealerships, all with proven track records in a variety of industries, have signed on to begin offering Volvo CE’s premium construction equipment, bringing with them an extensive knowledge of the customers in their territories, as well as a plethora of lessons learned.

Hawaii Truck Parts Sales and Services (Hawaii Truck) is the latest dealership to join the dealer network. The company, which has been successful in dealing Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks, is now offering the full range of Volvo CE parts and services to customers in Hawaii. For the last three years, the company has been aligned with Volvo CE, offering spare parts and service, but this new deal, which became official in mid-February, now enables Hawaii Truck to also sell Volvo CE equipment.

“The Volvo Group and Hawaii Truck have enjoyed a long and successful relationship together, so we’re very excited to appoint them as our new Volvo CE dealership in Hawaii,” Roy explained. “Together we have very clear goals. We are committed to providing customers with the highest machine uptimes and lifecycle values in the industry, and we will reach this goal with our premium products, superior service and leading-edge technologies. The expertise and market knowledge that Hawaii Trucks brings to Volvo CE will bolster our brand and help provide customers with unique solutions to their business challenges.”

Based in Kapolei, Hawaii Truck has been in business since 1993 (the company changed its name to Hawaii Truck in 2008). The company has been a dealer of Volvo Trucks since 2010 and based its decision to expand into construction equipment on its history of success with Volvo products. Hawaii Truck offers equipment leasing, sales, parts and repairs, and has the resources, such as certified factory-trained technicians and advanced-service diagnostic systems, to provide a high level of service to its customers.

“Having spent years working with the Volvo Group and a variety of its brands, we are very confident that this new venture with Volvo CE will be a boost for both our company and construction equipment customers in Hawaii,” said Gerald Ryusaki, dealer principal of Hawaii Truck. “With the spirit of Aloha we will bring Volvo CE to the islands of Hawaii to grow our business with our customers. We’re looking forward to offering our clientele the premium products and customer support that will help them earn higher returns on their capital investments.”


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