Vögele is introducing new mini road pavers

Vögele is introducing new mini road pavers

Two battery-electric models will also be available

Vögele will be presenting four new mini road pavers at Bauma 2022 that are able to pave widths ranging from 0.25 to 1.80 m. Both the wheeled paver and the tracked paver will be available with optional diesel or battery-electric drive systems. The new machines round off the lower end of Vögele’s wide range of asphalt paving products.

“The demand for flexible and sustainable solutions at small construction sites is high and our view is that it will continue to increase. Our new mini pavers will enable customers to complete small paving jobs quickly, cost-effectively, sustainably and therefore profitably,” explains Marcio Cavalcanti Happle, Head of Sales, Local Marketing and Product/Customer Support at Vögele.

Wide range of applications

Their compact dimensions and variable paving widths make th Vögele MINI 500 (diesel) and MINI 500e (battery-electric) tracked pavers as well as the MINI 502 (diesel) and MINI 502e (battery-electric) wheeled pavers ideally suitable for use in small-scale construction projects that include constructing cycle and pedestrian paths, paving between railroad tracks as well as repair work in small inner-city sites, which are often characterized by their narrow working spaces.

The standard screed working width is 0.80 m and it can be enlarged up to 1.35 m hydraulically. The minimum paving width can be reduced down to 0.25 m, or the width can be built up to a maximum of 1.80 m using bolt-on extensions.

Compact transport dimensions of 2,670 x 870 x 1,585 mm and low weights of between 1,000 and 1,500 kg (depending on the model) allow for easy transport. A narrow turning radius makes the four wheeled or tracked pavers extremely agile.

E-Power: Local emission-free asphalt paving with MINI 500e and MINI 502e

The new Vögele mini road pavers are available as wheeled and tracked pavers with electric or diesel engine drive systems.

Tenders are increasingly defining stricter emission requirements for construction projects. The battery-electrical drive systems used in the MINI 500e and the MINI 502e make them ideal for local emission-free asphalt paving. The Vögele electric mini pavers, marked with the suffix “e”, both provide a sustainable production system when used in conjunction with the likewise battery-electrical tandem rollers from the Hamm CompactLine.

Sales launch in Europe

The European market launch of the diesel-powered models is planned for the first half of 2023 and the launch of the E-Power machines will follow afterwards. European distribution will be handled by the Wirtgen Group’s sales and service networks.

Cooperation with C. M. S.r.l.

The new Vögele MINI series has been developed and will be manufactured for Vögele by C. M. S.r.l., an Italian company with more than 40 years’ manufacturing experience with roadbuilding equipment. “We are very much looking forward to cooperating with the leading road paver manufacturer. Working with Vögele will also be a vote of confidence in our know-how,” said Gaetano Castiglione, CEO of C. M. S.r.l.

Mini road pavers will expand the Wirtgen Group’s range of machines

“The new mini-pavers will expand Vögele’s product range and the battery-electric models will enable the Wirtgen Group to support the sustainability goals of its customers as well as its ambitions to expand the availability of electrified product models by 2026. Cooperating with C. M. S.r.l is a huge leap along the sustainability path,” said Domenic Ruccolo, CSO of the Wirtgen Group und Senior Vice President, Sales, Marketing, and Product Support, Global Construction Equipment, John Deere.

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