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Verhelst Machines becomes exclusive distributor of WOLFFKRAN tower cranes in Belgium

BAAR, OOSTENDE WOLFFKRAN and Verhelst Ma-chines have signed an agreement granting Verhelst exclusive distribution rights for WOLFF tower cranes in Belgium and non-exclusive distribution rights in the Netherlands. The deal also includes Verhelst Machines taking responsibility for WOLFFKRAN’s tower crane rental activities in Belgium. 

The agreement follows nearly a decade of partnership between the two companies, during which they have successfully developed the WOLFFKRAN brand – known for its innovation, safety, and reliability – together in the Belgian market. 

Both parties are confident that the exclusive dealership of Verhelst Machines – specializing in the rental, maintenance and sale of tower cranes, self-erecting cranes, and construction hoists – will further strengthen this development and guarantee excellent service to owners and rental customers of WOLFF tower cranes in Belgium. They underline their confidence with the goal of selling around 70 WOLFF cranes in Belgium and the Netherland in the coming years. 

Mr. Johan Verhelst, CEO Verhelst Group:

“I’m very proud and honoured to represent a brand like WOLFFKRAN, together with all the members of the Verhelst Ma-chines team. This exclusive partnership is a result of a long lasting successful relationship in which both parties have shown honesty and reliability. These are also the values that Verhelst Machines shares with its customers. We are convinced that with this agree-ment we can even more colour the sky red!” 

Mr. Duncan Salt, CEO WOLFFKRAN Holding AG: 

“Over the years, we have built a relationship with Verhelst Machines based on trust and mutual respect for each other’s competencies. We are confident that transferring our sales and rental business into the hands of our valued customer will significantly contribute to rais-ing WOLFFKRAN’s profile in Belgium and providing first-class ser-vice to WOLFF tower crane customers throughout the country.” 


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