• USCC’s Model Compost Rules Template (MCRT) 2.0 released

    USCC’s Model Compost Rules Template (MCRT) 2.0 released
    RALEIGH, NC – The US Composting Council is pleased to announce today the release of the Model Compost Rules Template 2.0. This well-vetted document is an important resource in building composting infrastructure, providing states with solid guidelines to incorporate as they update and renew their composting permitting rules and regulations. This along with the recent launch of the Model Zoning Template and the new Compost Manufacturing NAICS code will be a triple play in removing obstacles for composting infrastructure growth in the U.S.

    Back in 2010, the USCC created the Model Compost Rule Template for states to adopt. It was designed in a two-year stakeholder process that was completed in 2012. In 2021, USCC staff compiled the state regulations survey data and developed a matrix to identify and group common threads throughout the survey responses. The USCC formed an extended group of stakeholders that met virtually to review the survey responses and reach consensus on changes to incorporate in Version 2.0 of the template.
    MCRT 2.0 gives guidance based on both science and field experience, providing a foundation for operators and regulators to help in the permitting process and aid in regulatory oversight. The permitting rules ensure states’ obligations to protect public health and the environment; ensure consumer confidence in compost quality; and aid in building composting infrastructure in the US.
    The USCC would like to thank all the stakeholders who contributed their time and expertise in the process of updating this document.

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