• USCC 2019 mentee-mentor program underway

    USCC 2019 mentee-mentor program underway

    The US Composting Council continues to grow the organics recycling industry with a twelve-pair, 2019 cohort of mentor mentee pairs, the program’s fifth year.

    The program connects mentors with professional business experience in the compost manufacturing and collection industry to participate with a mentee, a Young Professional college graduate or industry employee over the age of 21 and under 40.

    The annual mentoring period runs from July 1, 2019 through January 31, 2020. Mentor/Mentee pairs choose their own meeting schedule and format (phone, Skype, in person, email etc.) and are encouraged to make an in-person “capstone” meeting.

    2019-20 Pairs 

    Eva Barnett –  Susan Thoman

    Aleksander Jagiello –  Tom Herlihy

    Michael Martinez – Scott Woods

    Coryanne Mansell –  Celeste McNickle

    Alvin Uolla –  Robert Ballantyne

    Matthew Beadlecomb – Jeff Ziegenbein

    Heather Wasilewski –  Tom Herlihy

    Victor Niembro – Geoff Hill

    Naomi Wentworth – Robert Ballantyne

    Heather Delguidice – Luis Chamorro

    Ashley Mihle- Ryan Cerrato

    Stephanie Koeser – Ryan Cerrato

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