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US Composting Council redesigns advocacy web pages with new tools & organization

RALEIGH, NCThe US Composting Council unveiled a new suite of web pages that provides more user tools for members and composting advocates and organizes top composting issues for easier navigation. “This in part fulfills one of the Council’s major Strategic Plan goals” said Frank Franciosi-Executive Director.

The pages, which can be found at, will help advocates and visitors find information about state regulations and legislation more easily; provides guides on how to be better advocates and easy access to background on the most pressing issues facing composting. The revamped site meets member requests for more information to improve their ability to lobby for composting in their areas and nationwide.
A toolkit providing letters to the editor, and language about the importance of composting, that can be used in testifying in favor of compost facilities or programs. There is also a tip sheet on recommendations on testifying virtually and an “advocacy tracking form” so USCC can keep up with advocacy efforts.
For state issues, visitors can find resources under a section devoted to states, which is where most compost issues are regulated. The sections focused on “hot issues”, namely persistent herbicides and perfluoroalykl substances (PFAS), as well as extended producer responsibility and infrastructure development, consolidates resources on these issues.
Advocacy is a major priority of the USCC. In summer, the USCC (a trade organization comprised primarily of business/professionals) launched a new membership for individuals interested in lobbying for compost, called the Advocate membership, to answer needs and requests for more citizen advocacy for the compost industry.
In 2020, USCC conducted a member survey to determine what issues, approaches and tools should be emphasized in lobbying for the compost industry, along with a focus group that followed. Both projects generated many of the features of the new web pages.


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