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US Composting Council announces 2023 Board of Directors election results

The US Composting Council (USCC) recently announced  the results of its annual Board of Directors election. Two new board members, Travis Bahnsen and Lorrie Loder-Rossiter, will take their seats in January 2023.

The USCC membership elected Bahnsen of A-1 Organics and Loder-Rossiter of Veransa as new Compost Manufacturer board members. Additionally, Jenny Trent of Iowa Waste Reduction Center-UNI was re-elected as an Affiliate board member.
The new board members will be joining the Executive Committee and Board members: Eileen Banyra of Community Compost Company, Meredith Danberg-Ficarelli of Common Ground Compost, Neil Edgar of Edgar & Associates, Inc., Scott Gamble of Waste Management, Gary Gittere of McGill Premium Compost, Elliot Schneider of City of St. Peters Earth Centre, Melissa Tashjian of Compost Crusader, and Samantha Winkle of Waste Connections, as well as Pierce Louis of Dirt Hugger (Atlas Organics); Jeff Ziegenbein of Inland Empire Utilities Agency and Secretary Ryan Cooper of Rubicon.
The USCC board of directors re-elected Pierce Louis as President Pierce Louis of Dirt Hugger (Atlas Organics) who served on the board for five years, Jennifer Trent as Vice President, Jeff Ziegenbein as Treasurer, and Ryan Cooper as Secretary.
Robert Yost of A-1 Organics is retiring from his Board position after dedicating more than three decades to this industry. Along with terming off the USCC Board of Directors, Yost will be retiring this coming year from his role at A-1 Organics. Joe DiNorscia of Laurel Valley Soils is also retiring from the board. The USCC is appreciative of the large role that Yost and DiNorscia played in leading the industry.
“I would just like to thank Bob Yost and Joe DiNorscia for their dedication and commitment to the industry,” said Frank Franciosi, Executive Director of the USCC. “Bob has been instrumental in developing, modernizing, and strengthening the Seal of Testing Assurance program (STA) in addition to his involvement with the Colorado State Chapter, Colorado Composting Council (COCC). As past treasurer, Joe was pivotal in implementing good financial practices. Joe has been a pleasure to work with over the last decade and is a consistent and respected spokesperson for the compost industry.”
The new Board and Officers will be introduced during the Members Meeting at COMPOST2023 at 5 p.m. on Tuesday Jan. 24, 2023.


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