Unique features advance concrete finish quality, improve visibility for the Terex® bid-well 3600 paver

CANTON, SD — Flexible enough to deliver high quality paving for both slab-on-grade and bridge applications, the Terex® Bid-Well 3600 paver boasts a range of available features that deliver bonus-level smoothness and improved visibility during nighttime paving operations. The 3600 automatic roller paver features a number of options to meet virtually any paving application encountered by the contractor.

New orange strobe lights positioned at the corners of the paver’s frame alert workers and nearby traffic when the machine is paving to enhance operating safety. The integrated Terex Bid-Well LED lighting system delivers additional paver visibility during nighttime paving operations and decreases the harsh shadows thrown by tower lights, allowing finishers to deliver a high quality final product. Up to 12 LED lights can be positioned virtually anywhere on the machine’s frame and up to 4 lights can be mounted directly to the paving carriage to illuminate the paver.

The 3600 paver’s exceedingly adaptable paving carriage incorporates a segmented upper and lower section design to improve component longevity and reduce cleanup time. Positioned at the front of the carriage, a single spud vibrator offers variable vibration frequency up to 10,500 vpm (175 Hz) to deliver a 36-in (914.4-mm) area of influence in the concrete when paving urban flatwork projects like parking lots and city streets. Carriage movement along the paver’s frame is powered by a separate 21-hp (15.6-kW) fuel-injected gas engine with advanced oxygen sensor that delivers reliable operation at altitude.

The paver’s exclusive Rota-Vibe® system features an 11.5-in (292-mm) long, ribbed unit that delivers up to 5,000 vpm (83.3 Hz) to densify the top 2.5 in (63.5 mm) of concrete for a more uniformly consolidated surface. Dual 8-in (203-mm) diameter double-flight augers require less horsepower to operate and more quickly meter concrete than single-flight augers. Independent rotation of the two, 4-ft (1.2-m) long paving rollers offers optimal flexibility in sealing a variety of mixes, while the standard 5-in (127-mm) hydraulic carriage lift quickly raises the paving rollers from the surface when paving has stopped or to pass over obstructions. The available fogging system atomizes the water to produce a true, light fog that keeps the surface from drying too quickly to reduce cracking and produce a stronger surface.

The machine’s flexible, self-contained sidewalk paver quickly mounts at any location on the frame to pave multipurpose lanes, and it can be added to new or existing 3600 pavers in the field. The lightweight attachment is powered by its own fuel-efficient 14-hp (10.4-kW) engine and incorporates a hydraulically driven 6-in (152.4-mm) diameter roller that spins at variable speeds reaching 200 rpm. Roller tube length can be customized from 4 to 12 ft. (1.2 to 3.7 m) to meet jobsite requirements. Controlled by a single operator, the ergonomic sidewalk paver significantly reduces labor-intensive handwork and the number of laborers to save money.

Meeting a variety of in-line paving and skewed bridge designs, the 3600 paver offers standard paving width configurations from 8 to 86 ft. (2.4 to 26.2 m) with on-the-fly paving width changes of up to 30 ft. (9.1 m), so it quickly adapts to the contractor’s bridge deck placement and slab-on-grade paving needs. Available inserts transition paver frame depth from 36 to 48 in (914 to 1,219 mm) at the center to extend paving widths to 110 ft. (33.5 m). For paving skewed bridge decks, the 3600 paver on display boasts the universal power crown adjuster that can be set for paving inline or offset to an adjacent hinge point opposite the other for quickly adjusting the crown when paving at a skew.

The highly flexible 3600’s legs adapt to meet virtually any paving challenge the contractor faces offering fast and simple powered leg height adjustments of up to 46 in (1,168 mm). For paving at cross-slopes greater than 4 percent, the machine features the pivot leg configuration that adjusts the paver to a true vertical operating position to reduce side forces placed on the rail and eliminate additional shoring. The exclusive swing leg design delivers zero-clearance paving when working in tight applications like rehabilitation work and deck overlays. Its available six-wheel-bogie leg option spreads machine weight over a wider area to lessen the load on the overhang brackets.
More information Terex Bid-Well Paving Equipment can be found at: Terex Bid-Well Roller Pavers.

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