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Unified Screening & Crushing representative named to Mining Association of South Carolina board of directors

RAMSEUR, NC — Duane Artz, sales and service representative for Unified Screening & Crushing, was elected to the 2018 board of directors of the Mining Association of South Carolina. He will represent Unified as an associate member, and previously served as a member of the Association’s Workshop/Annual Meeting and Education committee.

“I am honored to join MASC’s board of directors and to serve alongside women and men who are committed to our industry,” said Artz.

Mining is one of the most valuable industries in South Carolina with 45 of the 46 counties in the state represented. The Association supports its members with legislative advocacy, educational opportunities, as well as serving as a resource for information and convenings.

“One of my favorite events as a member of the MASC is our annual participation in the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE),” said Artz. The three-day event held in Charleston, SC hosts more than 40,000 attendees with artwork, conservation education and sporting demonstrations. “It’s an opportunity to bring our message to a wider audience, to really underscore the role the mining community plays in conservation.”

The average person may not realize the materials needed to produce items they use regularly come from mines, explained Artz. “Lots of people think about construction and highways, but everything from cars to computers, telephones to televisions, even glass windows — all of those everyday items use materials that are mined.”

Unified Screening & Crushing has been a member of the Association for five years. “Continuous growth across the region has increased the development of mineral resources and the companies that support our industry, like Unified,” said Artz. “I look forward to contributing to the leadership of MASC.”


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