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Twin Spring Coupling announces new corrosion resistant T6061 T6 Aluminum range of power transmission couplings

Twin Spring coupling is pleased to announce our entire coupling range is now to be made with T6061 T6 aluminum, in addition to our current 4140 Alloy products.

We have had so many requests for a corrosion free coupling for so many of the industries we currently work with, in addition to the weight savings we can now work in environments like Farming where moisture and corrosion are an issue” said Darren Finch CEO and Founder of Twin Spring Coupling.

“The T6061 T6 addition to the 4140 alloy we currently use means engineers now have a choice of couplings like PTOs, keyway shaft when it comes to attachments and farm equipment. In addition to our maintenance free no bearings and elastomeric free flexible coupling design now makes our flexible shaft couplings even more maintenance free, best of all, no greasing every 8 hours.”

For more information on Product:

Twin Spring Coupling was founded in 2014 with the goal of replacing Universal joints, jaw coupling and other elastomeric couplings with a truly maintenance free alternative in the Industrial, Farming, Automotive and Mining sectors.


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