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TRT620R: Trommel Series – Tonnes of versatility

The EDGE TRT620R tracked trommel has been designed for maximum productivity and superior screening efficiency. A heavy-duty construction design and high maneuverability ensures it is the perfect screening solution for a wide range of applications including, compost, mulch, soil, biomass or construction and demolition waste.

The EDGE TRT620R has a unique feature of a remote operated, 180° radial fines conveyor which has been combined with the ability to track, screen and stack material simultaneously. This functionality allows for enhanced production capacities, reduced material handling and the ability to create large radial or windrow stockpiles. The positioning of the radial fines conveyor whether at 0° or 180° allows the TRT620R to have the same small footprint of a side conveyor trommel format but with a much superior product separation and reduced material contamination.

Designed to accept several other trommel manufacturers drums, the EDGE TRT620R enables operators to take full advantage of their existing drum stock as well as loaned drums from other operators and drums from equipment hire outlets. A quick and simple drum exchange procedure is facilitated via an innovative sliding feeder design and double sided 180° swinging drum doors allowing the screening drum to be exchanged in a matter of minutes.

With superior stockpiling ability, efficient screening, intelligent load management and quick drum exchange; the EDGE TRT620R is your perfect screening partner.

The EDGE TRT620R offers all the expected benefits of 620 class trommel and more.


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