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Thomson Prestress adds another Shuttlelift Gantry crane to operation

Thomson Prestress, formerly Concrete Products of Tennessee, has recently added a Shuleli DB70 gantry crane to their equipment fleet to enhance the production of their precast and prestressed concrete products.  The new double beam rubber red gantry crane joins a Shuleli SB50 (Single Beam) already onsite and in use since 2011.

Thomson Prestress is a family owned operaon located in Jackson, TN and has been a leader in high-quality precast and prestressed concrete products since 1961.  They specialize in products for use in bridges, commercial buildings, railroads and marina construction, and rely heavily on their rubber red gantry cranes to move, store and load out product on their 50-acre facility.

With a continued backlog of business there was a need for another gantry crane onsite to efficiently cast and deliver product on me to customers. The decision to go with Shuleli was easy aer experiencing the quality and customer service provided with their SB50 gantry crane.  “Are purchasing our single beam 50 ton from Shuleli in 2011, we had decided that our next gantry crane purchase would also be from Shuleli”, said Tory Boston, Production Manager at Thomson Prestress.

At Thomson Prestress they produce concrete infrastructure products in many shapes and sizes to meet the specific needs of their customers.

Due to the many different configuraons there was a need for a custom spreader bar to ensure all product could be lied.  Shuleli specializes in customizaon, including the design and fabricaon of spreader beams, and designed a 75’ long beam with sliding li points to accommodate varying pick points along the product.

The new Shuleli DB70 is also equipped with wireless remote control, AVT fuel saver and work & drive lights for operang at night or early hours of the morning.  “With increased technological advancement, there have been a variety of benefits in using this machine compared to what our operators have used in the past”, said Boston of the machine features and opons. The wireless remote control comes standard on all Shuleli DB and SB series gantry cranes allowing the operator free movement for beer line of site and allows the operator to also assist in the rigging process.  The Automac Variable Throle (AVT) is a built in engine program which automacally adjusts engine RPM to draw only the power you need to complete the task at hand, significantly reducing fuel consumpon and increasing component life.

Shuleli and Thomson Prestress have shared a great business relationship for over a decade so the order and delivery process was simple.  “It has been a stress-free experience and the process was speedy and effortless”, said Boston. He added, “Our operators are thoroughly sasfied with the quality and functionality of the equipment.”


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