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The workhorse Terex Advance FDB6000 front discharge truck meets Federal bridge formula and delivers short turn radius

The field proven Terex® Advance FDB6000 front discharge mixer truck features an extended front axle to rear tag axle span for customers working in markets that adhere to the Federal Bridge Formula standard. The FDB6000 truck on display in the Terex booth during the recent World of Concrete 2017 in Las Vegas, included a light weight Marmon-Herrington front axle that offers a 42 degree wheel cut to deliver a short, fully loaded turning radius of just 68-feet for improved onsite maneuverability.

The show truck featured a new four channel video camera system with recording capability to improve operating visibility and provide video documentation of deliveries. The cell wireless system with radar provides 360 degree video around the truck and inside the cab.

A new frictional plate design integral to the front fender and bumpers offers superior wear resistance from rock chips to increase service life. LED daytime running lights, headlamps and work lights help to improve truck visibility. For companies located in colder climates, the cold weather package includes heated mirrors and water valve plus a 110V block heater. Exclusive to Terex Advance, all the valves in this package are enclosed in a manifold heated by free system heat returning from the cab heater.

Reducing tare weight, the standard 11-square-yard drum is constructed with a 3/16-inch thick hardened AR400 brinell steel shell to provide optimum balance between extended wear resistance and low weight to maximize payload. Delivering even discharge rates for both low and high slump concrete, the inner fin design minimizes concrete clumping to improve mix uniformity. Self-cleaning fins reduce weight, curtail mix buildup and offer easier cleanup.

In its lowered position, the 13,000-pound hydraulic tag axle gives the FDB6000 Front Discharge truck its extended 391-inch front to rear axle span to meet the Federal Bridge Formula. Operation of the hydraulic tag axle is controlled by a single lift axle control module for reliable operation and reduced maintenance needs. The truck’s simplified air system features fewer parts and connections than previous designs for less air leakage potential.

The premium package includes hydraulically folding chutes, an air-flip charge hopper, 200 gallon aluminum water tank for drum clean out and Terex auto-lube system to reduce truck maintenance requirements. This package also includes the exclusive Terex Total Control System that puts all critical truck functions at the driver’s fingertips in a single joystick. The system controls drum start/stop, material charge and discharge, engine throttle high/low, precise hydraulic chute control and emergency drum stop.

The FDB6000 truck is powered by the mid range 380 hp MTU Series 1300 (DD13) diesel engine offering 1450-foot-pounds of torque. Two other MTU Series 1300 packages of 350 hp with 1,350-foot-pounds of torque and 450 hp with 1,550-foot-pounds of torque are available. Terex Advance also offers three engine horsepower/torque packages for the Cummins ISX12 diesel and ISX-12G Clean natural gas power units, giving customers ultimate flexibility in truck configuration.

The Terex Advance FDB6000 Front Discharge mixer truck is built from the chassis up at the Terex Ft. Wayne, IN truck manufacturing facility. It features a standard Allison automatic transmission with smart control technology to improve shifting performance and increase fuel economy.

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