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The Quarry Academy® seminar announces scholarship

The Quarry Academy® team has announced the Quarry Academy® scholarship. The inaugural 2018 scholarship is awarded to Bethany Witter, a Mining and Minerals Engineering student at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. The Quarry Academy® seminar, which is organized by Dyno Nobel and Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology, is conducted annually to enhance the skill sets of those involved in the aggregates industry. This scholarship is an additional commitment from Dyno Nobel and Sandvik, helping to attract outstanding students to the aggregate industry.

The 12th Quarry Academy® seminar was held on Nov. 14-16, 2017 in San Antonio, Texas. The event hosted 131 attendees from both the USA and abroad and is organized by Dyno Nobel and Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology. It is addressed to those who serve in the aggregate industry and is focused on teaching participants how to produce aggregates in an efficient manner. The seminar addresses current best practices in quarry operations with a focus on systems integration, economic sustainability, process improvement, overall cost reduction and the use of practical safety as a part of daily work behavior.

The seminar included a quarry visit, this year to the CEMEX Balcones quarry in New Braunfels and featured Garrison Wynn, as a keynote speaker, delivering a message of leadership as it relates to safety.

Details for the next Quarry Academy seminar will be published at



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