The Pioneer® jaw crusher series represents the latest in crushing technology

The Pioneer® jaw crusher series represents the latest in crushing technology

Engineered to be the highest capacity jaw series in the market, Pioneer® crushers can deliver up to 25% more tons per hour than other comparable jaws.

Heavy-duty flywheel
The Pioneer® jaw line has large, dynamically-balanced flywheels that create up to 33% more kinetic energy than other jaw crushers. These advanced flywheels allow the jaw to operate smoothly and consistently, reducing power peaks and valleys when crushing heavy loads. Driven by a V-belt, once the flywheels reach operating speed, their stored energy will help optimize performance.

Class-leading stroke
The Pioneer® line leads the industry with a 1½” stroke, offering greater throughput and up to 25% more capacity than competitive units.

Tramp iron relief system
The tramp iron relief system, offered as an option on most models, features a dual hydraulic cylinder design that allows the jaw to pass an uncrushable. During a tramp iron event, the moving jaw automatically moves to pass the object and moves back into place, preventing any damage to the unit.

Hydraulic dual wedge adjustment
A hydraulic, dual wedge, close-side-setting adjustment system makes it easy to adjust the setting of the jaw. Eliminating the need for cumbersome manual shims, the hydraulic system allows for quick and safe adjustments.

Eccentric shafts and bearings
The Pioneer® series features large eccentric shafts and bearings. The units are equipped with two frame bearings and two eccentric bearings mounted closely together for a unique design, resulting in longer bearing life, less shaft deflection and a larger stroke.

Wear parts
The Pioneer® jaw units utilize heavy-duty, replaceable cast steel manganese liners with corrugated faces, which are ideal for crushing hard and abrasive material. Liners can be easily repositioned to utilize the entire wear surface and clamp in at the top for easy replacement.
The line also features replaceable jaw seats. The seats hold the manganese liners in place and protect the jaw frame from damage.

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