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The latest screening technology from WSM

As a leading manufacturer of material classification equipment incorporating the latest technology, WSM offers a full range of screening machines, each with a wide range of options. Analyzing the material to be screened, the material processing characteristics, and required separation size are some of the details that determine the best type of screen for each individual application.

Precise screening with low horsepower requirements and low operating costs make WSM Vibrating Screens a great option for products including biomass, LVL/ply trim, particleboard furnish, sawdust/shavings, and urban wood. Both unbalanced and counterbalanced units can integrate features including impact sections, ball decks, metal detection, top covers, and custom discharge transitions.

The newly redesigned Oscillating Super Screener moves material four times faster than traditional “chip” screens and has less mass for a longer operating life. Typical material processed include animal bedding, bark, board furnish, mulch, sawdust/shavings, trim ends, and wood chips.

WSM’s Disc Scalping Screens including our unique Waterfall Disc Screen, typically have a smaller, low-cost footprint and smooth, low speed operation. Customizable spacing between discs provides the required product separation on material like bark, biomass, compost, urban wood, hog fuel, and mulch.

With the highest screening volumes and low maintenance requirements, WSM’s Titan Trommel Screens offer multiple product separations on compost, food waste, landscape products, hog fuel, soil amendment, and more. Optional upper and lower covers, perforated plate or wire mesh screens, infeed and outfeed conveyors, and picking stations can produce a complete, integrated system.

WSM is a leading manufacturer of screening and size reduction machinery. Contact us now to learn more and tell us about your operation.  We’ll configure the equipment or system to help produce the value-added products you need. 800.722.3530, 503.364.2213, or


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