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The company’s premier global auction just got bigger

ORLANDO, FL — Due to strong early demand from consignors, Ritchie Bros. has decided to set the stage for its premier global auction in Orlando, FL to be even bigger this year — extending the event to six days. Starting on Monday, Feb. 19 and running through Saturday, Feb. 24, the six-day mega-auction will feature items from every industry neatly laid out across its 200-acre auction site.

“This is a can’t-miss event for sellers and buyers across the country and around the world,” said Jeff Jeter, president (US sales), Ritchie Bros. “This is not your average, ordinary, everyday auction. This is a global event with a selection you won’t see anywhere else. Last year we sold more than 11,500 items through the Ritchie Bros. and IronPlanet Orlando events, attracting bidders from more than 80 countries. This year we plan to do it even bigger and better, with the best service you will see anywhere in the industry.”

Jeff added, “Adding the sixth auction day really optimizes the event so that we can grow to include more consignors and ensure that we aren’t selling too late into the evening.”

What customers can expect with the February 2018 Orlando auction:

• Flexible contract options with full-service, turn-key selling
• Certainty of sale and payment within 21 days of the auction
• World-class facilities, incl. a 700-seat auction theater and onsite equipment refurb services
• Large, well-organized yard and a wayfinding app to make onsite inspection easy and convenient for buyers
• Comprehensive online equipment information with robust equipment descriptions and photography
• Multiple ways for bidders to participate, incl. onsite and online, via mobile or tablet with the Ritchie Bros. app
• Onsite, dedicated financing support with Ritchie Bros. Financial Services, giving buyers more spending power
• New virtual sales option for selling offsite assets with IronClad Assurance

For more information about the 2018 Orlando auction, visit:


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