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Terex Washing new machines launches at Hillhead

Terex Washing Systems (TWS) were delighted to be back at Hillhead to launch two new machines to our customers and dealers.

One sand & one aggregate

The first in the line up was the FM Pentium, a completely new machine with the capability to wash one grade of sand and one aggregate on a single chassis.  The FM Pentium range is a static sand and aggregate washing unit, this is the latest machine in the renowned FinesMaster range and builds upon it with its increased production and versatility.

The machine combines a collection tank, centrifugal slurry pump, hydrocyclone(s) and a dewatering screen. With a feed rate of up to 150tph of pre-screened material the FM Pentium can produce up to 120tph washed sand.

New and Improved AggreSand

The second machine launch was the new and improved AggreSand 206. A decade on from the initial R&D development of the AggreSand family, TWS are delighted to bring to their customers the new and improved AggreSand 206, as we continue to build on our existing legacy machines and continue to refine our craft in the wet processing industry.  The First TWS AggreSand was launched back in 2013, the 165, and was later followed by the 206.

Thanks to learnings, continuous improvement, unremitting investment in R&D and product expansion over the last decade we are now launching the new and improved AggreSand 206.. Some of the new keys features include increased feed hopper size option to allow for greater feed capacity, redesigned Cyclone underflow box and dewatering screen to give much sharper cuts in blending and enhanced end product, the new chassis design enables the AggreSand to be much more easily integrated with other TWS products, there is now improved access points for easier maintenance and best in class high grip walkway access, allowing for access to all critical components, with additional updated patented maintenance features. 

Pit and quarry operators can look forward to more intelligent ways to wash sand, gravel, aggregates, and C&D waste thanks to Terex Washing Systems’ high-performance solution.  

These new innovative wash solutions will help to revolutionise the washing market on a global level—a testament to Terex’s commitment to providing enhanced and unique washing solutions to meet its customers’ and market needs. 

Factory Direct

TWS were also delighted to announce details of their ‘Factory Direct’  sales approach in the UK market allowing for increased collaboration between the customer base and factory experts. Our Local support and aftersales service team allow for quick and accessible access to continue operations, installations, start-ups, and commissioning.

This support is backed by quick access to all the TWS engineering and product support expertise and data available at TWS’s Ireland headquarters. It is this unrivalled local support that sets TWS apart from competitors.


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