Terex Utilities published technical tip on adjusting demand throttle for telescopic aerial devices

WATERTOWN, SD – Terex Utilities recently published Tech Tip #67, Adjusting a Demand Throttle Switch. The Tech Tip is available for download from the Technical Support tab at www.terex.com/utilities .

“Tech Tips provide information that answers frequently asked questions or common challenges customers face,” said Jason Julius, training and tech support manager. “Tech Tips are one of the many ways Terex Utilities listens and responds to customers.”

Information is intended to supplement model specific operation and maintenance manuals. Tech Tips are focused on accomplishing a single adjustment, repair or component replacement, with step-by-step instructions and graphics. Tech Tip #67, for example, applies to Terex Utilities telescopic aerial devices and overcenter aerial devices. It discusses how to adjust the demand throttle switch so the engine speed will increase as the hydraulic pressure increases indicating a requirement for more flow to operate boom functions.

“Terex Utilities strives to provide customers with comprehensive support through the entire lifecycle of their equipment,” said Richard Gunderman, director of Terex services.

Read this and dozens of other Tech Tips here.

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