Terex Finlay Triple-Shaft 883+ screen plant makes debut at the 2018 World Dealer Conference in Jacksonville, FL

Terex Finlay Triple-Shaft 883+ screen plant makes debut at the  2018 World Dealer Conference in Jacksonville, FL

by Jon M. Casey

The new Triple-Shaft 883+ tracked, triple deck screen plant made its U.S. debut at the Terex Finlay World Dealer Conference in Jacksonville, FL, Nov. 14 – 16, 2018. This new version of the popular 883+ model demonstrated increased performance over the 883+ MK IV model, as well as a new design with improvements over the previous 883+ heavy duty plant. While show staff demonstrated both units during Thursday and Friday’s events, attendees were able to observe the production benefits of the triple-shaft screen box over the MK IV. In either case, each screen plant offered added benefits over previous designs.

Alan Witherow, Terex Finlay product manager, explained improvements also have been made to the standard 883+. He said each conveyor now has its own hydraulic pump, with the fines screening hydraulics increased by 50 percent. Wider belts along with a new chassis design gives greater production and flexibility as well.

The new design enables producers to reverse the fines and mid-grade conveyors. This gives the MK IV the capability to make a two-way split version. Additionally, engine operating RPM has been reduced from 2,200 RPM to 1,800 RPM for better fuel efficiency, as it has also been with the triple-shaft model. Production rates for the triple-shaft model increase hourly production from 610 tons per hour to 772 tons per hour while average fuel consumption only increases from 3 gallons per hour to 3.3 gallons per hour.

Aside from improvements in fuel economy and increased performance, it might be noted that the standard MK IV 883+ cannot be converted for use with the triple-shaft screen box because of the need for increased power and weight requirements of the increased screening capability. With the new triple shaft version, however, the opposite is true. The screen box on the triple shaft model is interchangeable with single shaft and Spaleck model screen boxes, currently offered. Producers will find that when they include the triple-shaft 883+ into their production fleet, they are able to use the same screen media as they did with the single shaft version. The added performance of the triple shaft unit will allow for difficult screening conditions such as sticky and cohesive materials.

Both versions of the 883+ are now available with dual power technology. This technology allows producers the option of operating the machine from an outside electrical power supply or from the on-board power plant as needed. With either model, the 883+ has earned the reputation of being a steady workhorse as a primary tracked screen plant following a primary crusher or by itself in an environment where only screening is needed. For more information visit www.terexfinlay.com

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