• TEE Ecotec ready to take on North American dealer and customer network with expanded product line

    0115by Patrick Gamble, TEE Sales & Marketing Assistant

    Terex Environmental Equipment (TEE) is poised to make a major splash in the North American market for wood processing, biomass and recycling equipment with its upcoming North American Dealer & Customer Conference in Jacksonville, FL on January 27-28. The show occurs in conjunction with the 24th Annual Compost Tradeshow and Conference. TEE Ecotec will have select equipment available for demonstration which will give attendees a chance to speak with TEE sales and engineering representatives.

    TEE’s two-day dealer and customer event is the second of its kind, the first on American soil since the acquisition of Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) and Neuson Ecotec last spring. The inaugural event took place nearly four months ago in London, England. The recent acquisition of CBI has given TEE a diverse product line that serves both the North American and European markets for grinders, chippers, shredders, trommels, recycling screens, windrow turners, waste handlers, excavator attachments, screening equipment and stationary recycling systems.

    “We learned a lot from the London Dealer/Customer Event this past September and we understand what it did for raising the profile of the TEE Ecotec line in the European market,” said North American Sales Director for TEE Ecotec Art Murphy. “Compost2016 has been a premiere event for the grinding, shredding, screening and composting industries for over two decades, so we viewed it as the perfect opportunity to tie-in a TEE Ecotec Dealer and Customer event in North America.”

    The United States Compost Council (USCC) plays host to Compost2016 and has done so for the past 24 years. The USCC is regarded as North America’s most prominent organization that promotes the education of compost use and how it translates to economic and environmental benefits. The annual show attracts about 1,000 registered attendees, although TEE’s expanded presence is expected to boost attendance numbers in 2016.

    “Jacksonville, Florida is a great spot for the TEE Ecotec Dealer and Customer Conference because it’s a central location to our North American dealer network,” said Murphy. “The Ecotec dealer network continues to grow and has an inventory of machines and parts, as well as full-service capabilities to support the customers after the sale. With the inclusion of the CBI Legacy Machines in the Terex Ecotec line, the response from dealers and customers has been outstanding.”

    Registered attendees will have a hands-on opportunity to see machines representing nearly all of TEE Ecotec’s product inventory. Equipment includes items from its grinder, shredder, trommel, recycling screen and windrow turner product lines. TEE’s CBI division will have its all-new CBI AirMax Material Separator available for display as well.

    Among the machines that TEE Ecotec is excited for the public to see are the horizontal grinders belonging to the popular CBI Legacy Series – the TBG 650 (CBI 5800BT) and TBG 680 (CBI 6800BT). The CBI Legacy Series is comprised of grinders, chippers and excavator attachments that were transferred from the CBI line during last April’s acquisition. TEE understands why CBI earned its glowing reputation regarding its portable grinder and chipper equipment, so while the legacy products feature a paint scheme that differs from the familiar CBI yellow, those at TEE insist that the products are engineered and produced to the same high standards that CBI customers expect.

    “The throughput and reliability of CBI products is legendary and we really wanted to buy a company that has the best products,” said TEE Worldwide Business Director Tony Devlin. “The team at CBI is a passionate bunch and that really impressed us. We’re excited to build on that heritage as we further expand into the recycling, biomass and wood processing industries, and we look forward to adding value to these industries by serving our new customers to a very high standard.”

    The TBG 650 and TBG 680 grinders are slated to process land clearing debris during demonstrations for both Compost2016 and TEE’s own demonstration show on January 28. The equipment demonstrations will take place at Jacksonville’s Otis Road Landfill. Those watching the grinders in live operation will have a chance to learn about the Metal Detection System (MDS) that is featured in each grinder. According to CBI Controls Engineer III Adam Knight, the MDS is something that will get the attention of dealers and customers very easily.

    “The MDS helps protect the machine from tramp metal, steel and contamination,” he said. “Without it, you’re relying on the operator to stop the machine and shut it down to get the metal out. A key component of the MDS is it pulls the engine RPM down as soon as tramp metal is detected. The diesel engine by nature wants to try to increase power to overcome the foreign object. This only creates more damage. The MDS tells the engine to idle down immediately, so it’s not trying to power through the foreign material that is in there.”

    The MDS is designed to protect the rotor, anvil and screen. Available as two systems, factory installed or as an after-market kit, both systems sense metal impact, reverse the feed system, lift the top feed roll, reduce engine speed, disengage the clutch and shut down the engine. This series of steps occurs just milliseconds after tramp metal is detected by impact sensors. The MDS is a standard option in all CBI Legacy grinders and is an optional feature for any legacy chipper.

    TEE is also excited to have CBI’s AirMax Material Separator on display at its conference and Compost2016 as well. The stationary machine entered the market early last year and has provided TEE with a stationary recycling product unlike any other that is currently in its fleet. In all, the unit requires only 32 HP, much less than traditional air knives found at other material processing facilities. The fast air flow inside the AirMax is constricted while it’s performing the separating, so once material gets inside the chamber, air disperses quickly and the material falls onto the discharge conveyor. Its stands at just over 8’ in height and 31’-10” in total length.

    “A few years from now, I see the AirMax operating in multiple industries,” said CBI Stationary Systems Manager Matt Skinner. “It is useful for C&D recycling, mulch clean up, compost cleanup, glass recycling separation and automotive fluff recycling. It’s rugged enough to survive the US market and is small enough to fit inside a shipping container for shipping and transportation.”

    TEE’s Newton, NH production facility, where CBI called home since the mid-1990s, has experienced a major uptick in production hours as TEE Ecotec’s dealer network expands across the globe. To date, the North American dealer network includes Emerald Equipment for New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Powerscreen of Texas for Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas, Powerscreen of Florida for Florida, Georgia and Dominican Republic, Powerscreen Mid-Atlantic for North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, Powerscreen of California for California and Hawaii, and Powerscreen of Washington for Washington, Oregon and North Idaho. New England coverage is factory direct from the CBI Newton, N.H. location.

    “We’re ramping up production to meet the additional dealer inventory demands and we’re well on our way to having full dealer coverage in North America,” said Murphy. “With the formal introduction of the Terex Ecotec line to the North American market at our dealer and customer conference in conjunction with Compost2016, we’re expecting big things in 2016.”

    For more information on the Terex Ecotec line, visit www.terex.com/envrionmental-equipment

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