Technicians troubleshoot, perform maintenance at Terex Utilities Service School

Technicians troubleshoot, perform maintenance at Terex Utilities Service School

WATERTOWN, SD — Equipment technicians from Australia, India, Indonesia, Canada and the United States received hands-on service training at the 35th Annual Terex Utilities Service School held in June at Lake Area Technical Institute.

During the three-day event in Watertown, SD, 48 participants rotated through their choice of 18 stations. Stations included training on specific aerial devices, digger derricks and auger drill models, components, maintenance and troubleshooting. “Participants are able customize their chosen stations in order to focus the training on their individual and organizational needs,” said Jason Julius, technical support and training for Terex Utilities. “Participants come with various levels of skills, knowledge and experience. This personal approach is an example of how Terex partners with its customers to provide World Class Customer Service” he said.

“Our Service School instructors are experienced and provide practical instruction,” said Ken Vlasman, customer service manager. “I heard feedback from one participant who appreciated just that — how much experience and knowledge the instructors have and the ability to learn through active training.”

Featuring hands-on activities, participants troubleshoot units and individual components and perform the actual repairs, while being led by Terex team members from tech services, field service, engineering, product support, manufacturing and sales.

Additional Terex Utilities Service Schools will be held Sept. 17-19 in Waukesha, WI, and Oct. 22-24 in White House, TN. Customers can also choose more of a self-directed study approach with online training through the Master Mechanic Learning Center, or Terex will create customized training programs delivered on-site using the customer’s equipment.

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