Talbert 35-ton close-couple lowbed trailer & new versatile 60-ton spread-axle trailer

RENSSELAER, IN — Talbert Manufacturing gives contractors an efficient and safe way to haul day-to-day loads with its 35CC-HRG lowbed trailer. The lowboy unit is rated at 70,000 pounds overall and 70,000 pounds within a 12-foot load base. It also features Talbert’s removable hydraulic gooseneck for fast and easy equipment loading and unloading.

“Equipment is getting bigger, wider, taller and heavier,” said Troy Geisler, Talbert Manufacturing vice president of sales and marketing. “We’ve built a reputation on accommodating that need, but contractors also have smaller equipment they need to safely transport to and from jobsites every day. This is why we also offer dependable trailers designed specifically for that purpose.”

Talbert offers the 35CC-HRG with optional features such as fixed or platform goosenecks, various front and rear ramps, as well as multiple swing radiuses, deck lengths and widths. The trailer also can be equipped with a beavertail and ramp so users can drive equipment over the rear of the trailer rather than detach the unit’s gooseneck. This allows for fast equipment loading and unloading in confined areas.

“Our customers require a great deal of versatility. Each day or week could consist of moving a variety of equipment,” Geisler said. “This is why we take the time to listen and design our trailers to provide the most flexibility, tailoring each unit to the specific needs of the customer.”

The 35CC-HRG is part of Talbert’s Close-Couple Lowbed Series. The trailer’s two axles are close coupled and can be designed to accept an optional pin-on axle for loads requiring three axles in a row. The overall length of the 35CC-HRG is 43 feet, 9 inches, which includes a 24-foot long deck that is 8 feet, 6 inches wide, and a 9-foot 9-inch rear bridge section. Swinging outriggers provide 12 inches of additional width on each side of the deck to accommodate oversized equipment. Contractors can also remove the outriggers to minimize weight and for easy maintenance. Like all Talbert trailers, the 35-ton CC-HRG is rated in half the deck length to safely meet concentrated load requirements as high as 70,000 pounds.

Talbert designed the 35CC-HRG with an 84-inch swing radius and a non-ground bearing hydraulic gooseneck. The gooseneck features four hydraulic cylinders that are parallel to the ground rather than two vertically positioned cylinders. This eliminates the risk of the trailer sinking into soft ground as equipment is loaded. Also, because the cylinders are horizontally placed, they are easier to access for maintenance and last longer due to their low-pressure hydraulic system.

Contractors can use the 35CC-HRG to haul a variety of equipment. The trailer’s recessed cross members in the rear bridge allow for easy positioning of an excavator boom. The deck flooring is 1.5-inch Apitong, which provides exceptional strength for long-term durability under heavy loads. The unit has one of the lowest deck heights in the industry — 22 inches — and a six-inch road clearance to maximize headroom. Drivers can adjust the rear ride height of the Ridewell suspension system +3 or -3 inches for greater head clearance getting in and out of job sites or when traveling over uneven surfaces, such as railroad tracks.

Talbert manufactures the 35CC-HRG with heavy-duty T-1, 100,000-psi minimum yield steel for extreme durability and longevity. Like all of the company’s trailers, it comes standard with Valspar R-Cure 800® paint to prevent corrosion for a long-lasting finish and better return on investment.

Talbert also introduced the 60/65SA trailer. This unit has been designed to accommodate both tri-axle and tandem-axle jeeps. It features 2+2, 3+1 and 4 axle close coupled configurations. This innovative Talbert design gives customers flexibility to carry a variety of load options.

The trailer offers a 60-ton capacity rating with its 13-foot 6-inch two-point rigid load base as a 2+2 or 3+1 configuration. Owners also can configure the trailer with four close-coupled axles with no gooseneck extension, which provides a 65-ton capacity with the trailer’s 13-foot 6-inch two-point rigid load base. This versatility saves fuel and alleviates costs associated with additional permitting for maximum return on investment.

The 60/65SA features an optional 70-inch, flip-up gooseneck extension to achieve a 190-inch swing radius while its removable kingpin stations allow for 120-inch and 108-inch swing radiuses. Customers also can choose Talbert’s optional hydraulic linkage, eliminating the need for manually flipping the gooseneck extension. The trailer comes standard with a 30-foot by 8-foot, 6-inch-wide deck, providing ample space for a variety of loads. Talbert also offers optional deck lengths, deck types, and widths. The 60/65SA’s deck features a 22-inch deck height, one of the lowest in the industry. This offers easy loading and unloading of a variety of equipment.

This trailer is equipped with Talbert’s optional East Coast-style E2NitroTM spreader. The E2Nitro uses a combination of hydraulic fluid and nitrogen to equalize axle pressures, providing proportionate weight distribution of each axle grouping. This optimizes the range of suspension movement, which minimizes stress and provides a smooth ride. In addition, the E2Nitro features a bearing pivot and pivot lockout for backing the trailer. Users also can hydraulically lock in axle loads regardless of terrain. The E2Nitro is standard with a two-speed dual landing gear for optimal stability when disconnected from the trailer.

Like all its trailers, Talbert manufactures the 60/65SA with heavy-duty T-1, 100,000-psi minimum yield steel for extreme durability and longevity. Talbert trailers are standard with Valspar R-Cure® 800 paint to prevent corrosion, offering you a long lasting finish and better return on your investment.

More information: sales@talbertmfg.com; www.talbertmfg.com.

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