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  • Brokk welcomes Western Canada sales manager

    Brokk welcomes Western Canada Sales Manager

    MONROE, WA — Brokk, the world’s leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines, is growing in Canada and recently named Troy Steele regional sales manager for the western region of the country. Steele has 16 years of experience in equipment sales and will serve Brokk customers across all industries, including demolition, construction, mining, cement, metal processing and tunneling. He […]

    Using hydrodemolition to fix five common concrete errors

    Using hydrodemolition to fix five common concrete errors

    Pouring concrete is a complex process. One slight miscalculation on any of the numerous variables can spoil a whole batch. And unfortunately, mistakes aren’t always evident right away, which can put timetables and budgets at risk. Fortunately, advances in robotic concrete removal methods are making them easier to fix — without demolishing everything and starting […]