Statement from ARTBA Acting President & CEO William D. Toohey, Jr., about California Voter Rejection of Prop. 6

WASHINGTON, DC — The American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) Acting President & CEO William D. Toohey, Jr., released the following statement regarding California voter rejection of Proposition 6 on Nov. 7, 2018.

“By soundly rejecting Proposition 6 and re-electing 95 percent of the state legislators who voted in 2017 to increase the state gas tax to fund needed transportation improvements, California voters showed the public continues to support a user funded approach to infrastructure investment. That’s a message the Trump administration and new Congress should heed as they consider a bipartisan infrastructure package and permanent revenue solution for Highway Trust Fund programs next year.

“In ginning up and funding the Prop. 6 repeal initiative as a ‘get out the vote’ ploy, the U.S. House Republican leadership nearly deprived California citizens and businesses of over $5 billion a year in transportation congestion relief projects. That was both wrong and short-sighted.”

Editor’s note: the opinions and comments expressed in the association’s commentary do not necessarily reflect those of Lee Newspapers, Inc. and RockRoadRecycle.

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