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Statement from AGC NYS President & CEO Mike Elmendorf Regarding President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

“The President’s Infrastructure plan begins a much needed and long overdue national conversation about meeting our significant and growing infrastructure needs. We are encouraged by the inclusion of provisions such as streamlining byzantine federal permitting processes that are closely in line with long-term AGC priorities.

We hope that as Congress digs into this issue they will improve upon the White House proposal by adding more, real direct investment for infrastructure and not rely on shifting the obligation to state and local governments. Any final infrastructure package must also address and insure the long-term solvency of the Federal Highway Trust Fund. We would also urge Congress to include in their final legislation language from Congressman John Faso’s ‘Infrastructure Expansion Act’ (HR 3808), which would reduce the cost of federally funded infrastructure projects by replacing the unfair and costly absolute liability standard of New York’s ‘Scaffold Law’ with comparative negligence.

The Infrastructure Plan represents an important opportunity for bipartisan cooperation and to make real investments in rebuilding our nation and communities. Our economies crumble when our infrastructure is crumbling. Let’s put our people to work and build a stronger future for New York and our country. AGC NYS looks forward to working closely with AGC of America and our Congressional Delegation to develop a final plan that makes real investment toward New York’s very significant infrastructure needs.”


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