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Southeastern Equipment adds Mauldin paving products to Indiana branches

Southeastern Equipment Co. Inc. now offers Mauldin Paving Products at their Fort Wayne, Indianapolis and Evansville locations in Indiana. Mauldin’s products cover the complete road building process – grading, tacking, paving and compaction.

“We are excited to bring Mauldin’s quality equipment to our Indiana customers,” said Southeastern Equipment’s president, Mickey Gourley. “The reliability and durability of Mauldin’s equipment is well-known in the industry and the machines are engineered to be very operator friendly.”

Mauldin’s paver line consists of six models that provide up to 16 ft of continuous, seamless paving. The 1750-C model features best-in-class head-of-material control, the heaviest screed weight in class and the Mauldin exclusive 4-auguer material feed system.

Mauldin Paving Products can be purchased or rented immediately at any of Southeastern Equipment’s Indiana locations.


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