Solesbee’s excavator stump puller features replaceable wear tips

WINSTON, GA – Solesbee’s stump puller offers efficient stump removal and land clearing. Solesbee’s manufactures the attachment with high-strength alloy steel and replaceable wear tips for extended service life. The powerful attachment, known as the “Stumper,” fits 15- to 40-ton excavators and can increase production by as much as 30 percent compared to other land-clearing methods, such as bucket attachments, bulldozing and forestry mowing. This speed allows contractors to complete jobs in less time and generate fast ROI.

“The stump puller is an extremely versatile and efficient piece of equipment for clearing land,” said David Jenkins, president of Solesbee’s Equipment & Attachments LLC. “It allows contractors to extract stumps of all sizes in a fraction of the time it would take using other methods and with minimal soil disruption, so backfill and leveling take less time as well.”

The attachment’s two shanks easily cut through roots so operators can remove stumps without displacing a large amount of soil. The shank’s curved design significantly increases breakout force for slicing through tough surfaces when extracting forestry material. Additionally, the shank’s replaceable wear tips extend the attachment’s service life by allowing operators to simply change out the tips as opposed to purchasing a new stump puller.

The Stumper can be paired with Solesbee’s excavator thumbs to lift and stack stumps, limbs and debris. It also features claws on the back of each shank to push stumps away from the excavator. This enables operators to better position stumps and other materials to grab and pick up using the attachment and excavator thumb. The stump puller is also compatible with Solesbee’s Quick Coupler, making attachment changes fast and easy.

Solesbee’s offers an industry-leading two-year warranty on all products, including the Stumper.

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