Siegmund’s new investment: increased payload with lightweight trucks

STAYTON, OR — Siegmund Excavation & Construction, serving the Pacific Northwest, and its partner company Allied Rock, LLC are modernizing the way they’re hauling loads, improving efficiency and increasincreasing payload. Siegmund purchased two new, custom-built ultra-lightweight Kenworth trucks with aluminum truck/trailer equipment, expressly assembled to Siegmund’s specifications. Each pup and truck combo’s net payload is 36.5 tons, as compared with the 31.5-ton payload the company used to haul.

“Trucks have load weight limits. These trucks are made ultra-light so they can carry more material safely while operating within legal weight limits,” explains Andrew Siegmund, owner of Siegmund Excavation and Allied Rock. “We invested in these custom-built machines in order to decrease unit haul cost and increase truck payload. Basically, we can now haul more aggregate per trip.”

Allied Rock is a leading regional supplier of high-quality, crushed quarry rock. Allied crushes rock at the X-Rock Quarry in Stayton, and also crushes rock on-location with its portable crushing services. “We provide portable crushing services across Oregon, in as many as 25-30 different quarries per year,” says Siegmund.

“To my knowledge, no other company in the state of Oregon has dump trucks that carry this much payload,” said Gibson Kuenzi, project manager at Siegmund Excavation. “These trucks use the latest truck technology, along with high-strength aluminum components to achieve maximum payload.”

“When it comes to investments in equipment, we are in the practice of continuously updating and modernizing our fleet with the latest technology to stay ahead of our competitors. When we make an investment, we make every effort to be the first to acquire a new technology and new or improved designs of current products or machines,” says Siegmund.

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