Seeking input on OSHA’s silica exposure rule

Seeking input on OSHA’s silica exposure rule

The CDRA worked to modify OSHA’s employee silica exposure regulation before it officially came out more than a year ago. The rule affected many sectors of the construction industry, including concrete recyclers. We were successful in removing almost all the onerous sections of the rule. The paramount part of the rule is Table 1, which describes the required actions for each construction activity. This was what was required for crushing equipment:

OSHA will soon release a Request For Information asking for suggested revisions to Table 1. The association is asking CDRA members for their input on what changes CDRA should request from OSHA in order to make compliance more attainable, while still protecting human health and safety.

Please send all recommendations to To discuss this process, call Executive Director William Turley at 630-585-7530. In addition, the CDRA would like to hear if your company has had a brush with OSHA over the silica rule. We are trying to monitor what enforcement agents are interpreting the rule out in the field.

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