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Security services need highlighted by forklift joyriding incident, says Spear Security Inc.

The Denver-based firm comments on a recent article that great security guards fulfill many roles to suit the situation.

A May 15 article on The Press and Journal reports on a group of trespassers who broke into a garden center in Scotland in an attempt to commandeer a forklift. The group was largely unsuccessful and didn’t cause any damage; however, they did steal the forklift’s key before leaving. Denver-based Spear Security Inc. says that, while it’s fortunate that no costly damage or injuries were reported, the incident is a good example of just why security services are needed.

Whether in the UK or right here in Denver, locations like the garden center or construction sites are often targeted by criminals, unruly youths, and others acting out because of the abundance of valuable equipment, open spaces, and lack of foot traffic in off-hours, the security company notes. It says that bad actors tend to look for spots that are least likely to be observed by authorities while causing trouble, whether it’s a forklift joyride, theft, vandalism, or any other petty crime.

Spear Security says that even the hint of an authoritative presence is generally enough to encourage perpetrators to look for an easier target as the prospect of facing consequences for causing minor but potentially costly mischief isn’t worth it to them. The company says that posting security personnel creates a valid deterrence against most potential troublemakers.

The firm notes that deterrence can’t be the only service a guard company employs though. In relatively rare cases, of course, more professional criminals will target locations with high-value equipment or materials — construction site security teams often have to deal with this matter — and may look for ways to avoid personnel. Spear Security says when this happens, it’s important that security teams know what to do. The company notes that this is why it’s so important for security firms to vet and then train personnel to ensure that the most effective protocols will be followed when the time comes.

Of course, every time a security guard in a heavily traveled location has to defuse a possible trouble situation, they will be asked for directions or the location of the restrooms thousands of times. At Spear Security Inc., we understand that our guards are here to encourage the best operation of our client’s facilities – and that includes fostering good relations with the public by being approachable and helpful whenever guards are in a public-facing situation. Oftentimes, security guards are the first point of contact between a company and its customers or employees and we hire and train our personnel accordingly.

Readers can learn more about Spear Security Inc. by visiting their website at or calling 303.298.8373.


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