SDLG LG946L wheel loaders aid Australian company’s timber-recycling operations

SDLG LG946L wheel loaders  aid Australian company’s  timber-recycling operations

 A couple of SDLG LG946L units are impressive as the latest wheel loader purchases for Direct Pallets & Recycling. Apart from cost savings, they have also delivered simple and reliable performance — handling timber pallets, timber offcuts and recycled timber products, such as mulch, for the company.  

Australian recycling company Direct Pallets & Recycling receives trucks each day that drop off timber pallets and timber offcuts at its 10,000 m2 facility in New South Wales. After drop-off, these pallets and offcuts need to be sorted and transported around the site so that they can be repaired and reused or recycled in the form of mulch or fine animal bedding.  

Direct Pallets & Recycling has tasked a pair of SDLG LG946L wheel loaders with handling the pallets and offcuts, as well as the associated products that they are recycled into. Having previously used premium loaders for these same tasks, the SDLG units have proven more cost-effective and easier to use, according to the company. 

“The tasks we have onsite require fairly basic technology. The high-end features of premium machines lead to an added expense that we don’t need. These added features have the potential to cost us downtime, too, if they malfunction. As such, the LG946L units are great additions to our fleet because of their simplicity, value and reliability,” said Rob James, owner of Direct Pallets & Recycling. 

The first LG946L unit was acquired in February 2017, with its value and performance convincing the company to buy a second loader eight months later. For six hours each day, both wheel loaders alternate their time between various tasks, both inside and outside of a factory at the facility. Their tasks include stacking dropped-off pallets and offcuts into stockpiles, conveying pallets and offcuts from the stockpiles to shredders and loading mulch onto trucks. 

The LG946L units are fitted with high-roll buckets, and this extra reach is especially useful when loading mulch onto trucks with high sides. Despite handling hundreds of metric tons of material per day, the wheel loaders have presented few issues.

“Our local dealer, CJD Equipment, is quick to service the machines, although issues are very few and even then, minor,” James said. 

The ability of CJD Equipment to provide swift service response is in part due to its proximity to Direct Pallets & Recycling. With 20 offices around Australia, two of which are in New South Wales, CJD Equipment boasts an extensive reach across the country. It is through partners around the world, such as CJD Equipment, that SDLG ensures customer satisfaction with its machines. 

“If there’s an issue, they ring me or the service team up. First, we try to help them over the phone. If it’s something that can’t be resolved over the phone, then we visit the site to investigate the matter further. Being as local as we are, we can arrive at a customer’s site really quickly,” said Terry Dransfield, business development manager at CJD Equipment. 

With 25 years of experience in the recycling business, Direct Pallets & Recycling has certainly shown it recognizes a good value proposition when it sees one.

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