Screen Machine celebrates 50 years in business

ohio-trip-june-22-to-24-2016-203by Jon M. Casey

On Thursday, June 23, Screen Machine invited dealers, suppliers, local, state and federal officials, families of employees and other special guests to its 125,000-square-foot facility in Etna, Ohio where attendees celebrated a great American success story, the fiftieth anniversary of the company’s founding.

With nearly 700 guests attending this momentous event, state and local officials paid tribute to the success of this central Ohio family owned business. “Fifty years is a long time,” said Screen Machine President Steve Cohen. “Screen Machine Industries not only survived but prospered through many recessions and wars. A business must adjust to survive.”

During a brief lunchtime presentation, Screen Machine Founder, Bernard Cohen recalled how he began his steel fabrication business in 1966. “I was two years out of college, with $3,000 to my name, and I struck out on my own.” He remembered how his accountant told him those 50 years ago, that nine out of 10 businesses failed in their first three years. “I wonder what he would say today about our company,” said Mr. Cohen.

Cohen said that after the founding of Ohio Central Steel, his original fabrication business, he asked his long time friend and brother-in-law, LaVergne Pabian to join the company. He said the help that Pabian offered the company at that time was instrumental to the success of the business today.

“He decided to come to work for me and together we designed the first Screen Machine,” Bernard said. “I’m not sure I would have been able to do it without him.” Not surprisingly, Pabian still works with Screen Machine to help with customer training and equipment setup.

Bernard’s son Steve came to work for the company after graduating from Ohio State University, and eventually became the company president as Bernard became less involved. Bernard’s daughter Natalie came to work for the company after receiving her Master’s Degree from Pitt University. Natalie has been instrumental in setting up the company’s quality computer system and other related management tools.

Son Doug came on board to oversee equipment design and plant management after graduating from MIT and working for Norton Company in Boston. “He has incredible engineering skills in designing machines and in the management of the plant. He has seven patents which make our machines very unique within the industry,” Bernard said.

Bernard concluded his comments by praising his wife June for her devotion to him, his family and the business. “June was always my Number One supporter,” he said, choking back tears of affection. “We went through many tough times and there were many obstacles to our getting this off the ground. Believe me, I could not have done it without her!”

New equipment unveiled

Screen Machine debuted two new machines at the 50th Anniversary Celebration, the 4043TR Recirculating Impact Crusher and the 514TS3 Spyder – A triple deck screen that delivers up to four products simultaneously – fines, small mids, large mids and overs.

The new 4043TR is designed to incorporate a two deck screen fed directly from the crusher. The 4043TR delivers sized product directly from the fines (front) conveyor. Meanwhile a return “overs” conveyor delivers larger product back to the crusher hopper. If the operator wishes to produce an “overs” material stockpile, a simple adjustment to the conveyor allows for a third product.

“These machines are all about efficiency,” said Doug Cohen, vice president of Operations. “The 4043TR allows the operator to produce crushed and sized product from a single machine. The return conveyor ensures the product keeps recirculating until it is reduced to the desired size. The 514TS3 adds an additional deck to our mid-priced screening plant.”

During the daylong event, 50th Anniversary attendees enjoyed factory tours led by Screen Machine engineers. Guests were able to “drive a Screen Machine” scalper, to run a hoist, and they were able to visit the I Make America interactive game exhibit. Nearby, visitors were able to watch a crushing and screening demonstration. For more information on Screen Machine visit .

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