Sanexen Water successfully completes major repairs in the Lincoln Tunnel in New York City in record time

During the weekend of October 20th, Sanexen Water, Inc., a member of the LOGISTEC family, successfully completed major repairs in the Lincoln Tunnel in New York City with minimal impact. When the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) began planning repairs and upgrades to Route 495 and the Lincoln Tunnel, one of the requirements was to repair two cast iron cement-encased water main sections at each end of the tunnel that supply water for fire prevention.  Sanexen Water was selected for its unparalleled expertise and its innovative Aqua-Pipe trenchless technology, to repair these aging water mains while other construction work was in progress. New trenchless technology is used for the replacement or rehabilitation of existing underground infrastructure with minimal excavation and disruption to surface traffic.

“A lot of planning goes into a project like this. We have to ensure that all the pieces are in place so that, for example, when they close the Lincoln Tunnel at night for construction work, our trucks get in there and work on installing the Aqua-Pipe liner to repair the watermain,” explains Benoit Côté, President of Sanexen Water. “Our goal, especially for a project located on a major urban thoroughfare such as this one, is to work closely with contractors like J Fletcher Creamer which performs excavation work, allowing us to access the entry to the pipe so that our experts can work safely and efficiently to get the job done.”

Sanexen Environmental Services Inc. (“Sanexen”) is recognized as a leader in site remediation and water main rehabilitation. Over the past 30 years, Sanexen has completed projects totalling more than one billion dollars in urban centres and remote northern communities across the USA and Canada. The team of over 450 environmental and water technology experts, researchers and developers has implemented innovative technologies adapted to the needs of private companies and public organizations faced with various environmental challenges.

This is not the first time Sanexen Water has worked in New York City. A few years ago, Sanexen successfully repaired a section of water main in one of its busiest streets, Madison Avenue, quickly and efficiently, and with minimal impact to traffic. Sanexen Water, now working in several major urban centres across the USA and Canada, is seen as a key partner in addressing the challenges our cities face with regards to our aging water main infrastructure.

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