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Sandvik wins major order from LKAB for automated loaders

Sandvik has received a major order from the Swedish mining company LKAB to supply automated loaders for use at the Kiruna mine in northern Sweden, the world’s largest underground iron ore mine. The order is valued at approximately SEK 250 million ($24,440,330.26 USD) and will be booked in the fourth quarter. It follows a recent SEK 120 million ($11,730,906.96 USD) order from LKAB for automated loaders, received in the second quarter 2023.

The total of the two orders includes 12 Toro LH625iE cable-electric loaders and five Toro LH621i loaders, all equipped with Sandvik’s AutoMine® solution. Deliveries are scheduled begin in January 2024 and continue through the end of 2025.

“We are proud of our long-standing partnership with LKAB and very pleased to again provide new automated loaders to the Kiruna mine. The very strong performance of our automated loaders is well-proven in the Kiruna mine, and we look forward to continuing to support LKAB’s goals to mine more sustainably and productively,” says Mats Eriksson, President of Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions.

With the new equipment, Kiruna’s fleet of ToroTM LH625iE cable-electric loaders grows to 20 units, all of which will now be automated. The ToroTM LH625iE loader has been in operation at Kiruna since 2020 and was developed in a collaboration between Sandvik and LKAB to replace Kiruna’s aging fleet of Sandvik LH625E loaders.


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