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Sandvik unveils 3-Series Mobile Impact Crusher

Sandvik Mobile Crushers and Screens is delighted to announce the launch of its new QI353 mid-size impactor, the first of its New 3rd Generation 3-Series products. Designed in response to customer research, the QI353 has been built with more productivity, uptime, efficiency, flexibility, connectivity and safety at the forefront of its innovative design.   
 The Sandvik QI353 features a ground-up new mid-size track platform and custom Prisec impact crusher. Targeted at quarry, recycling and contractor segments, the QI353 is the most versatile, mid-sized mobile impactor available today, designed to provide more uptime than any other. 
With the operator in mind, the QI353 offers a user-friendly mobile solution, with controls and maintenance points located conveniently at ground level. A key highlight is the new automated control system featuring Optik™ intuitive user experience. With colour visual display, easy navigation, and total integration for troubleshooting, diagnostics and support. 

More Productivity
The QI353 has been designed with productivity in mind and can process up to 400 mtph / 441 stph. Its feed arrangement includes a new feed hopper with curved heavy-duty sides for greater capacity and tapered feed arrangement to reduce blockages and ensure continuous crushing. It also features a new pan feeder with geared drive and a larger pre-screen with improved access to replace media. At the core of the QI353 is a new mid-size Prisec impact crusher, which boasts the largest feed opening 1170 mm x 730 mm / 46” x 29” and largest rotor diameter 1150 mm / 45” in its class, for higher capacity & greater energy efficiency. Adjustable apron curtains and tip speed ensure a wide range of product gradations can be achieved. Also, all plant conveyors have larger discharge heights for increased stockpiling capacity. 
More Uptime
The QI353 features a free-flowing feed arrangement where all components in the flow path through the machine get wider, for Improved material flow. A load sensing system for feeder drive, to ensure continuous crushing. A larger pre-screen for effective removal of fines, maximizing throughput and reducing wear. In addition, the QI353 benefits from extended service intervals and larger onboard fuel storage to extend intervals between refuelling.
More Efficiency
The QI353 has been designed to consume less energy, its double-deck pre-screen ensures maximum scalping capability and prevents any undersize material passing through the impactor. This maximizes crusher throughput, reduces wear costs and energy consumption. The machine requires 40% less hydraulic oil per service and benefits from extended hydraulic oil replacement intervals. When combined, this can be up to 64% less hydraulic oil consumed over 10,000hrs of machine usage (subject to oil sampling). The QI353 is also fitted with the latest emissions-compliant power pack for maximum performance and cost efficiency.
More Flexibility
Boasting a high degree of flexibility to suit any application, the QI353 is particularly useful for contractors who change jobs frequently. The natural fines conveyor can be positioned for right- or left-hand discharge with a three-position by-pass chute under the pre-screen allowing you to decide where to send your natural fines. The QI353 comes prepared to accept our new enhanced HS323 hanging screen module, offering the flexibility for the crusher to operate in open or closed circuit. 
The HS323 enhancements include; prepared to accept belt scales for TPH monitoring on fines and stockpile conveyor belts, subframe enhanced for improved screen media access and tensioning and an updated mid-size stockpile conveyor. The unique design enables set-up in less than 30 minutes and can be fitted without the use of additional lifting equipment. The patent pending hanging screen option delivers multi-functionality as a 1, 2 or 3-way split screener, as well as a highly productive and efficient impact crusher. 
More Connectivity
The new automation system with Optik™ intuitive user experience, includes simplified operation controls and total integration with our My Fleet telematics solution. Diagnostic support, pre-installed guides for troubleshooting and real time information allows customers to know exactly how their equipment is being utilized. One of the new additions to the plant, is the availability of optional belt scales on the QI353. These are fitted to the product conveyor and will enable productivity data to be displayed on the user interface and via My Fleet for TPH monitoring enabling full control of the machines output.
More Safety Features
With operator safety paramount, we have incorporated a new access platform under the feeder & pre-screen and a spacious 3-sided 270 degree platform for service and maintenance. A lifting beam, jib and tackle are provided, as well as the patented rotor turning device to ensure operator safety, when removing, rotating or installing hammers. A height adjustable overband magnet and all conveyors can be conveniently lowered for inspection and servicing purposes. Enhanced safety features are embedded within Optik™ intuitive user experience, including visual warnings and emergency stop locations.
Summary of key features:
·    Pioneering engineering with largest feed opening and largest rotor diameter in its class  
·    Free flowing feed arrangement to optimize material flow and reduce blockages  
·    PRISEC crushing technology with the ability to operate in primary or secondary applications 
·    Standard offering including height-adjustable overband magnet, vibrating pre-screen, underpan
feeder, natural fines conveyor, ceramic hammers and wireless tracking 
·    Optional HS323 hanging screen module for sizing and stockpiling up to 3 sized products 
·    Latest emissions-compliant engine for maximum power delivery and fuel efficiency 
·    Ease of operation with Optik™ intuitive new control system   
·    My Fleet remote monitoring of key parameters to help optimize machine operation 
·    Security+ extended warranty & service package for higher uptime and peace of mind 
If you demand more from your crusher, the QI353 will deliver.


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