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Sandvik Construction cancels exhibit at Bauma in April 2016

Sandvik Construction will not now be exhibiting at Bauma in April 2016. The reason for this decision is due to our continuing strategy of focusing on the real needs and requirements of our customers. This will be reflected in more locally oriented activities which will bring us closer to the local needs of our customers, wherever they operate in the world.

The decision has been made that in order to truly reflect our growing customer focus we shall concentrate on regional activities which will bring us closer to the real needs and requirements of our customers. A series of activities have already been planned in 2016 which we feel fully reflects this customer focus. These include:

  • Participation at major regional events, including Hillhead in the UK. These will enable us to develop customer relations to a more tightly controlled audience. Events such as this are also well suited for displaying and promoting our aftermarket solutions which serve as enablers of business growth.
  • New Product launch events will be arranged later in 2016 in Europe in order to share our latest offering and knowledge, further developing our customer relations.
  • As a part of our communications strategy of Customer Focus we plan to run more of our own Customer Events where we have a 1-day and a 3-day concept developed.
  • A Mobiles Distributor conference will be held in January which will be an important meeting with our partners.

As outlined above we have many customer focused activities now planned which we believe will deliver greater benefit and where we hope to meet many of our partners and customers.

Stockholm, 5 November 2016

Dinggui Gao


Sandvik Construction


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