• Samoter/Asphaltica 2023: Sustainable Wirtgen Group Technologies for the road construction industry

    Samoter/Asphaltica 2023: Sustainable Wirtgen Group Technologies for the road construction industry

    Production Systems Optimize Workflows on Infrastructure Projects

    CR series cold recyclers are used for cost-efficient recycling of road pavements. An expert from Wirtgen Macchine explains the principles of the cold recycling method in his presentation during the show.

    From May 3-7, 2023, the Wirtgen Group will be presenting a cross-section of its extensive product portfolio with 11 exhibits from Wirtgen, Vögele, Hamm, Kleemann and Benninghoven in Verona. The solutions at the show range from cold milling and cold recycling to asphalt paving and compaction, and the processing of natural stone and recycling materials. The focus will be on the machines and, above all, on their digital assistance and documentation systems.

    How Production Systems Are Changing the Face of Road Construction

    The cost-efficient and compact W 200 Fi cold milling machine is available with the Wirtgen Performance Tracker digital documentation system and the Mill Assist digital assistance system.

    In the future, modern road construction will be possible only with sustainable and efficient solutions that fulfill the growing demand for protection of the environment and the safety of humanity and nature. In view of this, the Wirtgen Group supports its customers not only with innovative solutions for individual machines, but also with the development and realization of “green” drive system technologies. Much more than this, with its production systems, the group provides the end-to-end solutions that customers need to be able to cost-efficiently and sustainably realize their (road) construction projects. Apart from correctly dimensioned machines or machine combinations, this includes ideally optimized applications and methods. It also includes appropriate (digital) assistance or telematics and automation systems, documentation systems, and application-specific equipment options that support the processes involved.

    Exhibits with Digital Assistance and Documentation Systems at Samoter/Asphaltica 2023

    Among the highlights at the Wirtgen Group booth (Hall 11, booth C1-D2) is Wirtgen Performance Tracker (WPT), which can be seen in the Wirtgen W 100 Fi compact milling machine and the W 200 Fi large milling machine. The system enables the precise documentation of milling performance and automatically generates a report that can be sent by e-mail to the machine owner. This reduces the time, effort, and costs required for the completion of projects.

    Monitor paving temperatures on a smartphone: users of WITOS Paving Docu who also use the RoadScan temperature measuring system from Vögele can now use the Jobsite Temp app to track all relevant temperature data in real time.

    In addition to a range of high-performance road pavers from the Mini to Universal classes, Vögele will also be presenting its digital solution for construction site documentation. As an example of this, the SUPER 1803-3i wheeled paver is equipped with WITOS Paving Docu and RoadScan, the contactless temperature measuring system for temperature monitoring of the entire paved surface. The combination of these two systems also enables quick and easy digital documentation and analysis of all paving-relevant data on a smartphone.

    In addition to the battery-electric HD 12e OT tandem roller, Hamm will be presenting machines from the new HX and HC-series. Also on display in Verona are the HX90 VS-OS pivot-steered tandem roller and the HC 130i earthworks compactor equipped with Smart Doc for the comprehensive measurement and documentation of the compaction process on asphalt paving and earthworks projects. The HX90 VS-OS on display will also be equipped with the new Smart Compact compaction assistance system. Smart Compact plays a decisive role in assuring compaction quality and by going easy on the machine and resources by actively assisting the compactor driver in the selection of the right amount of compaction energy required.

    The SPECTIVE digital operating concept from Kleemann has made a groundbreaking contribution to optimizing the control options of crushing plants like the MC 110i EVO2. The extended system, SPECTIVE CONNECT, now also enables the display of all relevant process information and reports on a smartphone without the operator having to leave the material loader.

    HX series with Smart Compact With its Smart Compact compaction assistant, Hamm has automated the separate setting of the individual drums, increased process reliability, and has raised compaction quality to an entirely new level.

    Benninghoven offers an innovative solution for the use of biomass as a fuel: the EVO JET BtL burner. Like wood dust, biomass-to-liquid is also neutral in terms of carbon accounting. As with any EVO JET model, a Benninghoven BtL burner can also be operated with other fuels such as oil, coal dust, and gas. The new burners therefore offer plant operators the chance to continue fossil fuel use in the short term but to be ready to switch to renewable fuels when necessary.

    The Appearance at the Show Will Be Rounded Off by a Series of Presentations by Experts from Wirtgen Machine

    In the course of the show, experts from the Wirtgen Group will also be giving talks on sustainability issues in the road construction process chain. For example, Davide Michele D’Onza, Area Manager at Wirtgen Macchine, will be providing deeper insights into the cold recycling technologies of the CR series machines from Wirtgen.


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