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Safety Summit 2019 keynote speaker

Day two keynote speaker, Joe Tantarelli will present Wed., April 10, 2019 at 8:20 AM.

A true story that sounds like a horror movie. In this gut‑wrenching Keynote, Joe Tantarelli recalls the events of June 5, 1983 – the day he was nearly buried alive as he was installing pipe in a trench that suddenly collapsed. He will explore how human error contributed to serious mistakes that almost caused him to die on the job. You’ll leave with strategies to help workers avoid these types of incidents in the future by:

  • Understanding how complacency and other behaviors can lead to errors with very serious consequences
  • Understanding the physical and emotional effects that serious safety incidents have on the person injured, their family, friends, co‑workers and the company’s safety culture
  • Being introduced to attainable safety skills that you can use to keep workers safe and avoid future injuries

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