RubberForm’s trackout control mats to play a part in LaGuardia Delta expansion in New York City

RubberForm’s trackout control mats to play a part in LaGuardia Delta expansion in New York City

BUFFALO, NY —  RubberForm Recycled Products recently announced they are playing a part in the new $8 billion LaGuardia airport rebuild.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have our unique Trackout Control Mat products be used locally for a project as big as this one,” said President and Founder of Rubberform Recycled Products, Bill Robbins. “It’s a great opportunity to work with a well-renowned business and demonstrate the value that RubberForm’s Trackout Control Mats have to offer.”

The LaGuardia Airport in New York City is set to undergo a substantial transformation while still remaining fully operational. Delta Airlines has decided to open a brand-new concourse that millions of people from around the world will benefit from when traveling to New York. The project is said to be one-of-a-kind, and the new Delta terminal will include 37 gates, four concourses, a streamlined check-in lobby, security checkpoints, baggage claim, dual taxiways, a new Delta Sky Club location with a Sky Deck, large gate areas, more efficient roadway infrastructure for traffic and concessions inspired by local cuisine. Travelers are sure to be delighted by the addition of local restaurants like H&H Bagels, Rossi Pizzeria, Flatiron Tavern and Provisions, Birch Coffee, Juice Press and more. Not to mention the larger seating areas at the terminal gates with plentiful seating options and charging stations.

This Goliath, high-profile construction project at LaGuardia provides a great opportunity for economic growth in multiple facets. It will certainly bring in more people worldwide, provide job opportunities for local restaurants and create a demand for services and supplies like those offered at Trackout control mats.

To help protect the surrounding roadways from construction-site debris, dirt, gravel, and other materials that can be drug onto public roadways from construction sites, contractors and Delta chose to utilize a local New York business, RubberForm Recycled Products, LLC of Lockport, NY. Delta’s construction team has strategically placed many RubberForm’s Trackout control mat products at various construction entrances and exits to ensure that no debris leaves the construction site and finds its way onto public roadways.

RubberForm’s Trackout control products are used in accordance with municipal, county, state and federal laws that require construction sites to limit the amount of carryout or trackout (dirt, debris, gravel, etc.) that leaves a construction site. Carryout from construction vehicles can quickly get out of control if not regulated. Significant track out on roadways can create hazardous driving conditions for drivers and contribute toward airborne and waterborne pollution. Trackout-reducing products like those found at RubberForm are placed at exits to be driven over by construction vehicles class one through nine. When these vehicles drive over the mats, they are gently rocked back and forth to remove the carryout and tracked out debris from the vehicle before it leaves the construction site.

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