Rockster live demo: showing wide variety

On Sept. 30 Equip Sales and Leasing Corp. of North Haven, CT hosted a Live Crushing Demo Day, located at their sister company Modern Materials Corp. in Hamden, CT. They organized an outstanding event, introducing eight different Rockster machines.

Equip Sales and Rockster are linked together by a longstanding partnership of best dealers on the East Coast who know these product lines well. “We have been working together with Rockster since 2009 and have already sold many Rockster units here in the USA, and with a sale in Bemuda as well. Our clients come from different areas, with a demo like that we wanted to give contractors an opportunity to find ways to spend what funds they have as effectively as possible. Vendors should be prepared to identify money saving aspects for their products and services. This was the perfect demo for construction companies, landscapers, concrete companies and aggregate recycling and road building companies”, says Joe Collazo, sales manager at Equip Sales.

Presenting a variety of the Rockster portfolio

Looking to enhance the presence in the states, Rockster shipped 8 different units to the demo show:

  • Impactor R700S
  • Impactor R1000S
  • Impactor R1100DS
  • Finishing Screen RDS410
  • Scalping Screen RSS410
  • Scalping Screen RSS514
  • Stacker RST18
  • Stacker RST23

All impactors at the demo offer Rockster’s patented closed-circuit system with the removable screen box and the double functional return/stockpile conveyor. These accessories allow producers to crush material in one pass and gain a consistent high quality grain without further crushing or screening. With the finishing and scalping screens Rockster can provide an even wider range of recycling possibilities or processing options. By using a Rockster crusher in combination with a stacker, clients can increase their productivity through much larger stacking capacity. Wolfgang Kormann, CEO of Rockster Recycler says: “We wanted to present a big part of our portfolio, so U.S. customers can get in touch with our products. In my opinion demonstrations and references are the most useful ways to promote products like ours, because the customer can really interact with the machine and get to know all features and different applications. The exchange of experience from the different customers is one way more to get trust in our products.”

New R1000S: highlight of the demo

The first-ever live demonstration of the new Rockster impact crusher R1000S in the United States was a complete success. This self-monitoring plant is especially designed to increase operating and safety comfort and includes a wide diversity of refinements, just like an easy gap adjustment for a simpler grain size adaptation, an integrated measuring system for full machine control and analysis as well as a 2-deck pre-screener for a further grain fraction plus increase of the machine efficiency.

The R1000S has an inlet opening of 40-inches by 29-inches, which not only allows for the infeed of large material, it also offers a high output capacity for varying sized material at rates about 300 t/h. Basic features on the R1000S include an adjustable bypass chute, vibration feeder with 2-deck pre-screen, vertically adjustable magnetic separator, remote control with color-display, electronic controller with color-display, sound-proofing, a dust suppression system and crusher overload protection. The impactor came outfitted with the optional RS100 screen box and the RB92 double-function return/stockpile belt, this whole system has a weight of about 77,000lbs, length of 46 ft, width of 9.3 ft and height of 10.5 ft. “I was already very excited to see the new crusher live in action and all of my expectations were exceeded. I like the modern design with the diagonal lines and all the new features with so many extraordinary details”, says Daniel Civinski, Rockster Representative for the USA.

According to Wolfgang Kormann, the development of the R1000S was an important step to show Rockster’s ambitions for innovations: “By listening to the customers’ requests for more machine control as well as higher operating comfort and safety, Rockster has designed a crusher that combines state of the art technology with long proven Rockster standards like the hydraulic system. We are sure that this was the right step and are proud that we could finally demonstrate our new plant to American customers.”

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