Ritchie Bros.’ latest Market Trends Summary provides additional insights into truck tractor market

Ritchie Bros.’ latest Market Trends Summary provides additional insights into truck tractor market

VANCOUVER, BC — With billions of dollars of equipment transacting via multiple sales channels each year, Ritchie Bros. has the data and in-house expertise to provide unmatched insight into industry trends. The company is now sharing this insight via its Market Trends module within its Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions suite of tools, allowing customers, investors and analysts to better understand the strength of an asset class through in-depth analysis of Ritchie Bros. transaction history, including market trends, equipment price performance, asset valuation curves and mix-adjusted price indexes.

Each month, Ritchie Bros. publishes a free, high-level, downloadable report of pricing trends, broken out by industry. The July report is now available for download here: ritchiebros.com/market-trends-report. The full Market Trends module is available by paid subscription.

“Similar to last month’s report, while prices across the major sectors are lower than a year ago, the rate of decline has continued to moderate through the high-volume June time period,” said Ken Calhoon, VP, Data Analytics, Ritchie Bros. “Both the U.S. and Canada are showing stability across key equipment categories, and Texas, California and Alberta continue to be the top-three North American markets in terms of buyer participation.”

“Used equipment experts, sellers and buyers look to Ritchie Bros. transaction data as the industry gold standard,” continued Mr. Calhoon. “While others may try to scrape and repackage our data, only we have the full dataset, the understanding and the ability to derive deep insights. Our team of data analysts and data scientists use machine learning and data visualization to create one of the best used equipment data products on the market.”

The Market Trends application is an independent part of the suite of services within Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions (rbassetsolutions.com), which is a complete end-to-end asset management and disposition system. This cloud-based SaaS solution brings together a suite of tools and services to help customers better manage, analyze and sell their assets. From any internet-enabled device, customers are able to access a complete inventory management system, data analytics and dashboards, branded e-commerce sites and multiple external sales channels.

For more information about Market Trends, please email dataproducts@ritchiebros.com.

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