• Repurpose Aggregates to transform Maryland construction industry with innovative CDE technology

    Repurpose Aggregates to transform Maryland construction industry with innovative CDE technology
    New CDE Recycling facility helps Maryland lead the way for materials reuse
    Based in Maryland, Repurpose Aggregates is an enterprise focused on developing aggregate materials from the innovative reuse and repurposing of leftover or discarded construction, demolition, and excavation (CD&E) waste.

    Its approach to waste recycling will be the focus of an Open House event hosted by wet processing experts CDE on Thursday, Sept. 22. The event will offer a unique look at the operation of the CDE plant designed and engineered for Repurpose Aggregates, providing opportunity to hear from CDE engineers about the economic and environmental benefits of its wet processing solutions.

    Scarcity of raw materials
    A product of Harford Minerals, Repurpose Aggregates is an extension of the company’s mission to create a new sustainability and innovation-focused ecosystem within the aggregates industry.
    Understanding the problems facing the construction and development industries, the company felt it imperative to find sustainable solutions to the large increase in CD&E refuse and the growing scarcity of raw materials available.

    Repurpose Aggregates were first introduced to CDE at CONEXPO in 2020 and were impressed by their technology and how it integrated with their company vision. Following virtual meetings through 2020 the company completed the investment to expand the company’s recycling and reuse operations becoming the first of its kind in Maryland

    A solution to benefit the local community
    The new plant promises to enable a more sustainable future for the local community as well as the company. Having worked with CDE to tailor the solution to their needs, the plant is optimized to accept CD&E waste from various sources (including mining backfilled materials from the site) and produce a range of recycled sand and aggregate products that can be reintroduced to the local construction industry as sustainable alternatives to virgin quarried materials.
    The 250tph recycling facility consists of an extensive line up of CDE solutions, including the R4500 primary scalping screen, M4500 mobile washing plant, AggMax 253R modular logwasher, Shear Clean Attrition Cells, DS60-6 scrubbing and washing equipment, Counter Flow Classification Unit (CFCU200) density and size classification system and EvoWash sand wash plant.

    Repurpose Aggregates also invested in CDE conveyors, an A1500 AquaCycle thickener and Filter Press sludge dewatering system which allows for the recycling of more than 95% of process water.

    The patented R-Series technology allows for a constant, even flow of material to be delivered to the integrated screen before being sent for additional screening, washing and sizing. The modular M4500 sand wash plant integrates feeding, screening, sand and aggregate washing and stockpiling on a single chassis.
    The pioneering AggMaxTM logwasher incorporates aggressive attrition of agglomerates to release sands through scrubbing and organics removal, as well as recovering fines and removing filtrates, while the patented ShearClean Attrition Cells technology further enhances the process as it consistently provides efficient contaminant removal for high quality sand products.
    The innovative Counter Flow Classification Unit (CFCU200) provides an effective system for removal of lightweight contamination from fine material fractions and CDE’s dual pass EvoWashTM employs tried and tested modular hydrocyclone technology, giving unparalleled control of silt cut points.
    Among the materials the plant will produce are washed C33 Concrete sand and fine sands as well as ready mix aggregates like #8 Stone, #57 Stone and #3 Stone. Being modular by design, the plant can be adjusted, and therefore the final product output can be fine-tuned to meet the market’s needs and the customers’ own specifications.
    The CD&E solution will also enable Repurpose Aggregates to partner with public and private entities to process material from local construction and infrastructure projects. Over time, these recycling efforts will help establish a full cycle materials economy, thereby moving the industry and region towards a more sustainable future.
    Results that make a difference
    Since commissioning in April 2022, the plant has been delivering a number of high-quality recycled materials for the local construction industry, including 1″ recycled asphalt, 1″ and 3¼” gravel, 1″ and 3¼”  recycled concrete and recycled drain concrete.
    The project marks a major step forward for sustainability in the Washington metropolitan area (DMV) construction industry and a steadfast commitment from Repurpose Aggregates to lead the way in this space. In a few short months, significant progress is already being made.
    Miguel Lambert, President of Repurpose Aggregates, said: “We first met CDE at CONEXPO in 2020 and were immediately impressed by the company’s expertise and our shared vision of increasing sustainability within our sector.
    “We had heard positive reports from a number of other CDE customers and felt confident that they simply had the best technology to meet our needs and aspirations for both our company and the local community.”
    The company’s 80-acre campus is dedicated to supporting the circular economy by providing a one-stop facility for local construction companies to responsibly dispose of CD&E waste and back-load their fleet with valuable recycled materials that can be reintroduced to the construction industry for use in high-value applications.
    Mr Lambert added: “We supply materials that are used in the construction of local housing developments, schools and sports centers.
    “CDE’s vision of creating a better world, a ton at a time, resonated with us as we believe we are making a real difference within the Maryland community through our work.”
    Darren Eastwood, Director at CDE, said: “It has been a great journey to work with Repurpose Aggregates on this project that is already having an impact in Maryland. This has been one of the largest waste recycling projects in the US and it is a privilege to have delivered it with the team.
    “Miguel and all at Repurpose Aggregates share CDE’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. They are driven and forward thinking, and we are looking forward to witnessing the further success of this plant as it continues to deliver for the company.”
    CDE and Repurpose Aggregates are extending an invitation to the industry to attend an upcoming Open House event at the Maryland facility.
    Mr Lambert added: “It is a pleasure to host this Open House with our partners at CDE, to showcase this impressive facility that they have delivered and to highlight the benefits of waste recycling.”
    To register your interest for the event on Thursday, Sept. 22, please visit cdegroup.com. Please note that registration is mandatory.

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