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Registration open for ACI Foundation’s 2024 Technology Forum

The ACI Foundation’s Concrete Innovation Council (CIC) will host its 2024 Technology Forum May 14 – 16, 2024, in Sante Fe, NM.

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The Forum is an innovation-focused educational and networking event for concrete professionals.

With a continued concentration on Technology Showcases and networking opportunities, this year’s Forum will feature extended presentation times that allow for deeper discussion of data, technology adoption, and open Q&A with attendees. With a maximum attendance of 100 people, the Technology Forum allows for meaningful exchange among the participants.

The forum is your opportunity to connect with representatives from material suppliers, architecture & engineering firms, contractors, academics, industry leadership, and regulatory agencies to learn about new methods and materials.

CIC welcomes back Creare, LLC and their handheld instant air meter that provides instantaneous, in-situ measurement of both void fraction and specific surface in fresh concrete. The initial prototype demonstration took place at the 2020 Technology Forum in Charleston, SC. Attendees will learn about the development work and trials that have taken place since then to produce the current handheld model which is simpler and more reliable than its predecessor. Creare will also discuss the pathway for integrating the technology in the field to allow for frequent monitoring between the plant and job site.

International speaker and director of Materials Advanced Services Ltd., Roberto Torrent, will contribute to the Forum. His presentation poses the following questions: Do you know why concrete durability should be assessed on-site? Do you know how one may go about doing so? Join us and learn about a test method that Roberto developed to measure the coefficient of air permeability of concrete (kT) by a double-chamber vacuum cell. A standardized method in Switzerland, Japan, and Argentina, kT has not yet debuted in the United States. His presentation will compare how kT correlates with other durability lab tests and how to apply the technology in commercial projects.

The CIC is also pleased to host Marc Jolin, the 2024 Jean-Claude Roumain Innovation in Concrete awardee. Marc’s presentation will introduce new sensor technology for evaluating concrete rheology. Attendees will also learn about the progress of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology program for the use of Artificial Intelligence in the concrete industry.

Additional presentations will cover new materials, case studies, how builders and contractors are utilizing innovations as well as updates from the ACI Centers of Excellence. For detailed information about the technology forum including registration, schedule, and full agenda, visit


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